Decepticons Discover The Internet

Internet Explorer 11 is retiring on June 15, 2022. Microsoft Edge is the browser recommended by Microsoft and offers a faster, more modern experience than Internet Explorer Internet, a system architecture that has revolutionized communications and methods of commerce by allowing various computer networks around the world to interconnect. The Internet emerged in the United States in the 1970s but did not become viable to the general public until the early 1990s. NSight Telservices - Abrams - 1 Mbps - Fiber Internet, DSL Internet and Fixed Wireless Internet Here are the internet providers that have the best availability in Arpin, Wisconsin, ranked by quality of service and fast speeds. Internet providers in Wisconsin. As America’s dairyland, Wisconsin is a large state with over 65,000 miles and home to 5.8 million people. Locals from Green Bay to Milwaukee consume their fair share of ice cream and internet browsing. Governor Tony Evers. As governor, Tony Evers will focus on ending the divisiveness that has overtaken the politics in the state. He will work with Republicans and Democrats to find solutions to the problems facing Wisconsin citizens. Make the Switch to Spectrum Internet. Sign up now to get a great deal on fast Spectrum Internet and enjoy a reliable connection, all year long. Fast Internet speeds for all your devices. 99.9% network reliability to keep you connected. No contracts, no hassles – just great TV. Viasat Satellite Internet. 99% available in 54410. Customer Rating*. Speeds up to 25 Mbps. Fastest residential satellite internet in the U.S. Quick, simple installation. 3-year Price Lock Guarantee. Price starting from $65.00 a month. View Plans. Internet is a global system of interconnected computers networks, using IP suite for communication. Know the basics of the internet, a brief history, description and some sample Internet-based questions. That’s why it’s so important to get internet service that’s fast and reliable. Enjoy 99% reliability and strong Wi-Fi® connectivity throughout your entire home, 1 so you can worry less. Plus, AT&T Internet is #1 in customer satisfaction over other major cable internet providers, four years in a row! 2 Viasat Internet is the most widespread Internet option on the whole, registered with coverage in practically one hundred percent of the area. HughesNet is available for practically one hundred percent of the population. The fastest download speed recorded for Viasat is up to 100 Mbps, while HughesNet advertised packages up to 25 Mbps.

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2022.01.18 01:41 SCSAFAN316 My cat on my lap. As I try to get up he shifts to being on one leg.

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2022.01.18 01:41 616606 What are some things you wish women did more in the bedroom?

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2022.01.18 01:41 -helpforafriend- Coworker in trouble, want to be supportive but lost in knowing how to help.

First, thank you for reading. Second, I'm sorry for asking basic questions and mean no offense in any of my ignorance here, but this is an issue that I need help with - and I don't think I have the time to research this without help.
A coworker of mine was recently promoted into a Director level position at a small but very visible organization. Unfortunately he was not equipped with any management training(his predecessor, who was recently pushed out with a lot of drama, ruled as a tyrant and was a bad manager in his own right, also obviously didn't care about longevity), and as such he is extremely unprepared for the role - but he absolutely 100% deserves to be there. He has been the heir apparent for the role for 10 years, so it is so sad that he wasn't better prepared.
In the past month I have been made aware of 3 separate incidents with 3 separate people (including the director of the board, a direct report of his, and a volunteer) that are on their own fireable offenses. And of course they are all due to interpersonal dynamics. I am concerned for his job, concerned for his prospects, and mostly concerned for his mental health. He is about 6 months post divorce on top of the very difficult and public change in role.
I don't know that he has been diagnosed with any type of Autism Spectrum Disorder. I do have a lot of experience with close friends and former coworkers who had been diagnosed with Aspergers - but while I know how to support peers and teach others how to do the same, I have no idea how to advocate for someone in this position (especially w/o knowing what their diagnosis history is)
Fortunately I am close with the board, but have no real power. I do want to help, so I want to advocate that he be able to take some time off and enroll in some kind of management training. Are there any short or long term intensive management trainings for professionals with ASD that you would recommend?
I would approach this directly with him but, this whole situation is exacerbated by the fact that this person does not like me, again because of past interpersonal difficulties. But, despite our poor working relationship, I have always continued to be supportive of him and I am very confident I am on the right track here and I want to be an advocate regardless of our relationship.
Beyond the one thought of some kind of sabbatical, I am at a loss. If you can offer any advice, or resources, it would mean a lot.
tl;dr - Suspected ASD coworker is in trouble, about to be big trouble. Want to help however I can.
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2022.01.18 01:41 Block_Mountain Help with Covetous demon [DS2] [PS5]

Guys I just can’t with this boss! I’ve been trying all month and I just can’t beat him I’ve quit this game like 5 times now and I keep coming back he keeps making me cry, please Sun Bro please come help me I’m stuck! (I need sunlight medals)
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2022.01.18 01:41 BrightAngelofix Mission Question

Mission Question Anyone know if it is a bug or something? im doing the mission of Icestorm Expedition, need recolect 3 retrieve device component, but i can't find the component 2, i wached a video and i went to the location, but there is nothing.
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2022.01.18 01:41 YAZEED-IX [WTS] Fleur Universelle, Serge Lutens Santal Majuscule, La Nuit De L'Homme, Dior Homme Cologne, JPG Ultra Male, Guerlain Homme EdP, Insurrection II Wild, 1981 Los Angeles (Bottle)

Reposing to update title!
I accept PayPal or Zelle. Shipping CONUS for $5-$15 depending on your location and the weight of the box. Packages are shipped ground, this way I can insure them and be ok with my post office rules, I hope you understand.
All fragrances include original box unless otherwise noted. Willing to negotiate if you're reasonable. I can post pics of the ones that don't have them if you're interested. Also feel free to check the decants below, they're around half what's on max aroma.

Fragrance Volume Price Notes
Lalique - Fleur Universelle 97% of 100 ml $80 Imgur
Serge Lutens - Santal Majuscule 95% of 100 ml $75 Tester with cap, no box
Yves Saint Laurent - La Nuit De L'Homme BNIB 100 ml + Deodorant Set $75 Imgur
Dior - Dior Homme Cologne 95% of 125 ml $65 -
Jean Paul Gaultier - Ultra Male 99% of 125 ml $65 No box
Guerlain - Homme EdP 99% of 100 ml $20 Imgur - Add-on
Reyane Tradition - Insurrection II Wild 99% of 100 ml $15 Imgur - Pure Havane clone - Add-on
Guess - 1981 Los Angeles 99% of 100 ml $15 Add-on
Some 8ml samples I'm trying to get rid of, 4-5 sprayed each, all add-ons
Kilian Straight to Heaven $20
Layton $19
Nisean $8
Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo $10
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait $25
Frapin Parfums 1270 $10
Fragrance Volume Price Notes
Creed - Virgin Island Water - Discontinued 4 oz size 99% of 120 ml $225 SOLD Imgur
Parfums de Marly - Godolphin ~98% of 125 ml $140 SOLD -
Parfums de Marly - Oajan ~80% of 125 ml $130 SOLD Estimated Volume
Tom Ford - Mandarino di Amalfi Acqua 99% of 100 ml $90 SOLD Imgur
Robert Graham - Fortitude BNIB, 100 ml $80 SOLD Imgur
Yves Saint Laurent - M7 Oud Absolu 97% of 80 ml $60 SOLD No Box
John Varvatos - Artisan Pure BNIB 100 ml $35 SOLD -
Hanae Mori - HiM EdP 99% of 100 ml $20 SOLD Imgur - Smells like GPH II according to some
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2022.01.18 01:41 pbpb69 car changes colors in freeplay

happens with any decal i use (except for esports decals), my car will change from its original colors to pink and black when in the air, and green and black when on the ground. it only triggers after i jump, i’ve gone through the settings and couldn’t find anything. restarted multiple times and it also didn’t help. anyone know?
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2022.01.18 01:41 Tinnyjulieta Is there a way that you would like to see more of my feet? Because I feel like they're pretty eloquent right now 😉👻 tinnyjulieta

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2022.01.18 01:41 a2x4the1x thinking another road or lane at this point. have one last idea

So has anyone herd of the new cannabinoid from hemp thc o distillite it's clear and supposedly 3 times more potent then THC a thinking it making a solution and putting on paper what y'all think? Just ordered some to try
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2022.01.18 01:41 VeloxiPecula I hid a Spongebob reference in the Brain Frame

Not that anyone's going to go through all the names and profiles, but still. No regrets.
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2022.01.18 01:41 Strict_Bluejay3960 Can I mix canned coconut milk and water?

I got some coconut milk in the can in my fridge and its looking pretty tasty. I read somewhere the canned stuff isn't the same as the carton stuff because its thicker, but if thats the case can I just mix it with water or is that not the same?
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2022.01.18 01:41 plaintank 24/CST/PC: PC games

I'm looking for some friends to play with! I currently only really play League, Valorant, Apex legends due to my hardware limitations. I'm by no means really good at any of them, but I do play pretty competently. All I ask is that you don't whine or act immature. Also I'm not interested in joining any guilds, discord severs, etc. I'm on most evenings!
Hopefully that's not too much to ask,
Send a message if interested!
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