iam no Jeff beck but this is for Rod

2022.01.18 00:35 roughroadroadrough iam no Jeff beck but this is for Rod

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2022.01.18 00:35 TheRealKwick [Academic] Schooling Format Survey (Teachers and Students Only)

Hey, I am doing a polling project for my class about which schooling formats teachers and students prefer. The hybrid option is if your school allows you to move between in-person and virtual freely or mixes the two. Thank you to those who fill it out!
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2022.01.18 00:35 Horror_Employer3120 Gunna is bettet

The Weeknd isn’t 🅿️ and sold less. Physical copies wouldn’t have helped him that much gunna was just better and The Weeknd took an L you know he’s lying about “I don’t care about sales”. He’s disappointed and you fans aren’t 🅿️ for not pushing his streams more🤦‍♂️ Wunna won
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2022.01.18 00:35 DamnYoureInteresting 14K pin with what I assume are cultured pearls.

I'm pretty sure this pin is the real thing. (It's also a pendant.)
I'm also sure that it probably didn't come from a really high end place.
I used to do a lot of flea marketing and got into costume jewelry back when it was hot. So while I'm no expert, I know a bit when it comes to jewelry. This is marked 14K and I think it is. The pearls look pretty well matched and are 'gritty' to my tooth, so I'm guessing 'cultured'? These pictures don't really do it justice (the pearls have more color than show up here and the jewelry looks a bit better overall), but I'm afraid that's the best you're going to get out of me and my limited picture-taking ability.
Thanks in advance for any guesstimate you might have and/or any info about the pin/pendant in general!
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2022.01.18 00:35 QuentaChord Yet another tattoo question post...

Howdy y'all! I figured it was about that time to make what feels like a weekly post about finding a tattoo artist! Im looking for something a bit more niche. I am currently planning a half sleeve made out of new age sticker- style tatts and wanted to poke around the community to see if anyone knew of a local artist who might have experience with this particular style. (If you want, you can check my post history for my first one i got while I still lived in Texas to get an idea of what im looking for.) I appreciate any and all help and will have to say i have yet to regret moving up here! Y'all are awesome!!
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2022.01.18 00:35 swmben Buying my first full sus MTB second hand - help!

Been a keen road cyclist for quite a while, but got a taste for MTB and now selling the roadie and getting a MTB. Bike I'm buying is a Giant Trance 2020 27.5 second hand.
Given that it is a used bike, what things should I check when inspecting the bike?
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2022.01.18 00:35 sub_toppings_bot CONTEST – WIN CELESTE & 1 000 000 GOLD! - /r/HeroWarsApp

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2022.01.18 00:35 Dimerr Making accounts for family members

If my family members gave me the ok to create accounts for them and split sign up bonus winnings 50/50 what do I have to worry about? IP address/bank accounts or should this be technically okay?
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2022.01.18 00:35 Altruistic_Scratch80 some of my favorite pillporn pics i’ve taken over the last month

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2022.01.18 00:35 princesshvg How do I stack up?? ❤️

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2022.01.18 00:35 iloveonechicago Chicago Fire Elimination Game. I saw this was being done on the PD sub so credit to whoever made that for the inspo! The link to the poll and instructions are in the comments! Happy voting :)

Chicago Fire Elimination Game. I saw this was being done on the PD sub so credit to whoever made that for the inspo! The link to the poll and instructions are in the comments! Happy voting :) submitted by iloveonechicago to ChicagoFireNBC [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 00:35 Possible-Ad9361 TA: Os Principais Indicadores Do Bitcoin Sugerem Um Caso De Fortalecimento Para Um Movimento Abaixo De US $ 40 Mil

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2022.01.18 00:35 PesoVII Hard stuck D4 Bot needing a squad to push Masters with this split

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2022.01.18 00:35 bobthefrog003 my new chiptune meme

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2022.01.18 00:35 K3y_lime_pie15 Thinking my uncle is being selfish and an AH

So, my grandpa passed away about 12 years ago. Between my mom and her siblings they decided who wanted to keep what. My gma still has most of it, but the one who has kept almost all, is my uncle. He has my gpa’s car, tools, film cameras and even lives in the house my gpa built. A few years ago I really got into photography, I started with digital photography and then a close friend of mine opened an open photography lab where people could go and develop their film themselves. After this I asked my uncle if I could borrow one of the cameras, to what he happily agreed. I’d like to add that he has 2 more of my gpa cameras and he never gave them to him, he just took them. My uncle never uses them, he doesn’t know how to, he just has them in display. Which I think is stupid, if you don’t use something it’s going to break. That’s exactly what happened to the car, he didn’t use it for years to the point it has plans growing on it. A couple of years ago I moved to the states and took the camera with me since my uncle never asked me to return it (I assumed it was fine because he never asked for it and he never used it) a few months ago I came back to my home country and live next to his house in a small apartment. Today we were having lunch and he asked me to give the camera back (I’m moving to Germany next month) because he wants to put in on display with the other cameras. I was shocked he asked for it because he really NEVER uses it. I use it a lot every time I go on trips and take so much j care of it. It’s one of my most valuable possessions. I asked him why he wants it back if he never uses it, and he said it’s because it has emotional value to him. To what I said he already has a lot of stuff that belonged to my gpa and that I really enjoy it. He said he knows he has a lot of stuff and he would have even more if he could. Which I think is a very unhealthy and selfish way to think. I don’t have anything from my gpa and it made me feel a special connection to think we both enjoy the same hobby and take pictures with the same camera. My uncle didn’t care and said that he doesn’t expect me to understand that he just wants it because of the emotional value. I don’t know if I should push harder to try to keep it. I felt really sad and angry when he said that. First because I actually use it, and I think that’s what my gpa would’ve wanted to. Not to be in display and rot throughout the years. Second because it made me feel a special connection to my grandpa, and third, because I literally don’t have anything from him. Am I the AH for thinking I should keep it?
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2022.01.18 00:35 Aggravating-Wish-398 The Hierophants Journey

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2022.01.18 00:35 allinmyneck Tool - Culling Voices - Live debut Golden 1 Center Sacramento 01/15/22 J...

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2022.01.18 00:35 iccaecumsa ⭐ PrinceFloki | Just Launched | 7% $Floki rewards to holders | locked liquidity pool | 24/7 marketing | x1000Gem 🚀

PrinceFloki Rewards Contract

Earn $Floki token by holding PrinceFloki.

It couldn’t be much easier

✅LP Locked

✅Public Contract - 0x9278b4e4b62ddec2419720f8c3731e70f27eb788

🎁 7% hourly Floki rewards automatically distributed in your wallet! Use our unique dashboard to keep track of your rewards!


0% buy tax - 10% sell tax

🔥• 8% Rewards

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💢• 2% Marketing

💫• Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Fast Tracked Listings, insane backing and partnerships and a massive marketing budget to send PrinceFloki and its holders on a one way ticket to space 🚀

Initial Liquidity Provided will be locked with Pinksale for 1 year. Max sells are limited to 1% of supply to avoid dumps.

The chat is opened, feel to ask the owner or administration staff any questions, they will be more than happy to assist you.

Additional info

PrinceFloki is a reflections token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). PrinceFloki brings passive income for all holders. Simply hold $PrinceFloki tokens and get rewarded in $Floki on every transaction! With the auto-reward feature, you’ll receive both $Floki and $Cake automatically into your wallet every 60 minutes. If you find that you have NOT received any tokens, this could be due to low volume of transactions. Once they increase, the reward will be sent out.


Contract: 0x9278b4e4b62ddec2419720f8c3731e70f27eb788

Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x9278b4e4b62ddec2419720f8c3731e70f27eb788

LP Locked: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/pinklock/record/14484?chain=BSC

Chart: https://charts.bogged.finance/?c=bsc&t=0x9278B4e4b62ddeC2419720F8C3731E70f27eB788
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2022.01.18 00:35 CarwashTendies $1.25 waiting room….🤣

Must set the bar low…baby steps. Whose with me? Get in here!! 4 months ago you were dreaming of $1.25….4 months from now you will be dreaming of buying the dip when it was $1.25. Some perspective for your newbies 🙌🏻 Lessss Gooooo!!👻
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2022.01.18 00:35 forrestVamp Day n Nite used in the new Moon Knight trailer

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2022.01.18 00:35 Possible-Ad9361 Green Energy: Em NY, A Mineração De Bitcoin Salvou A Usina Hidrelétrica Mais Antiga Em Funcionamento

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2022.01.18 00:35 Frick_The_Government Taking over the world as Germany, or EU, in the small earth map for easiness.

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2022.01.18 00:35 Acedelaforet What do you think of griffith and his actions?

Just finished rereading berserk. Im sure this sub gets this question a lot, but I'm more asking about his actions as the hawk of light. The way he's trying to carve not just a country, but a kingdom where all can prosper borders on nobility. You can argue that he knowingly caused all the destruction the human race has faced by merging the physical and astral realms, and he CERTAINLY has, but at the same time doing so also brought magic into the world. He became the master of demons and then had them fight alongside humanity. He has a relationship to a young woman very similar to guts in a way. He's caused a lot of change in the world but i couldnt say its been all bad so far. Ive kinda been debating myself for the past day or so about this. So maybe the better question to ask is:
What do you think of Griffith by the most recent chapter. With all of his actions taken into account?
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2022.01.18 00:35 NotADoctor1910 I need help with fighting Moonlord

I been playing terraria for about two years and I have on character that I have came to post celestial pillars, and when I try to fight moonlord, I die, a lot. I am mage and the weapons I use are: Nebula Blaze, rainbow rod, rainbow gun, razerblade typhoon and laser machine gun (I use nebula blaze more then others) I also use stardust dragon and the full spectre set with the mask as a helmet and I have the rod of discord (I got it by accident lol) and I have lost so much to moon lord that I eventually came to having to use EVERY BUFF POTION THAT WILL HELP (including life force) the accessories that I use are: armoured celestial shell, lucky bone wings violent magnet flower, arcane celestial emblem and warding terraspark boots. Them and the armour adds with a total defence of 53, I still lose, so if you have any idea on how I can win I would greatly appreciate it a lot. Thank you.
P.S I’m on a small world and the difficulty is classic and on mobile.
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2022.01.18 00:35 collegeaccount098 In my common app personal essay is it ok to talk about what the school I'm currently at doesn't have?

Or would this fall under the category of "trash talking" my current school? I understand it's best to write about why I'd rather go to the other school instead of saying what I don't like about my current school so should I tailor my common app essay to each school I'm applying to? Thanks!
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