when your FUT champs opponent just spent 100$ on coins so EA has to give him the win

2022.01.18 01:56 bumbleblast when your FUT champs opponent just spent 100$ on coins so EA has to give him the win

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2022.01.18 01:56 AdvancedBuffalo0 Cameron, Summer Rae and Nikki Bella taunt Brie Bella

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2022.01.18 01:56 EducationalNote9905 Deployed army guy needs text friend/FaceTime

I’m 25. Nice man. Hit me up an find out. Deployment sucks
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2022.01.18 01:56 TheRealRhyme Different Tier List: How Late You Can Get a Card and Still Have It Be Good?

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2022.01.18 01:56 Jrrcain999 Voting Story: Prologue: World of Two Eagles and a Sun

Voting Story: Prologue: World of Two Eagles and a Sun
Hitler and his Loyalists
It began with a great war that spanned the entire world, one that saw to the end of several empires, the rise of bolshevism and of facism, and the rise...of something darker. Beyond the nationalistic ambitions of Italy and Japan, there was another facist power rising within Germany, a single mad man rose from the ashes of the first world war and took hold of the minds of countless men, women and children and brought to them the idea of the worldwide judeo bolsehvik conspiracy. Perhaps you know this story, many do, many know of the atrocities, and the horrors, and how an alliance of democratic and communist nations defeated the facist powers. That is the story you all know, but there is another. It begins before even the conquest of Poland.

Nikolai Bukharin, the man who crippled Russia
Russia, shortly after the death of Lenin, suffered the rise of a man unlike Stalin and unlike Trotsky, a man that failed Russia. After gaining a high position in the Bolshevik party, Bukharin began an anti-stalin campaign and ultimately took over Trotsky's party while ending Stalin's party, taking control over the USSR and rather than instituting a policy of industrilization, attempted to improve the agriculture and food production. His programs to allow personal collection and distribution of the grain among local authorities and peasents failed as grain was hoarded and Russia was unable to reach large amounts of industrial production to match the rest of europe. Later on Bukharin would attempt massive industrilization programs but they would be too late and cause massive social unrest thus leading to the soviets being unprepared for the soviet invasion in 1941.

German Soldiers During Operation Barbarossa
After the successful capitulation of France, The Germans moved to capture their hated enemy Russia, rather than focusing efforts against more political based cities such as Leningrad, Stalingrad and even Moscow, the German war effort was focused on capturing the Caucases and Russia's Eastern European territories. After the swift takeover of Ukraine and Baltics, the German line mostly stopped except in the south where the efforts were focused on pushes against the caucases. Despite the Russian attempts at defense, the Germans captured their desires territories and halted offensive actions upon the arrival of winter and reorganized their defensive line against the Soviets. As the Germans swiftly took what was needed, several Russian facists joined the war against the soviets hoping that in the end they would be able to establish their own government even if it was allied with the axis, it would at least be independent, hopefully.

Attack on Pearl Harbor
Early in 1942, as the Soviets were seeing more losses when the spring rolled around, the Japanese struck at America, hitting Pearl Harbor in an attempt to force the US to back down and cripple their fleet, initially the second objective was gained as the carriers that had been gathered there were destroyed and a follow up strike on Midway led to further US naval casualties as the Japanese managed to take advantage of the weakened US naval position to capture several of their pacific islands driving them further away from the Pacific for the time being but Hitler did not declare war on the US yet. As Moscow and Leningrad and Stalingrad were hit and fell, the already demorilized and bloody Soviet army, now suffering traitors in their ranks began to fracture and fight itself. The Germans captured the west of Russia's European territory, forming it into a puppet centered around Moscow and leaving all the regions from Arkangel and eastward to fight amongst themeselves. As rising monarchist and facist factions and other dictators came to power and fought against soviet remnants, Bukharin shot himself ending his rule and plunging the USSR into chaos. With the Soviets collapsed in 1942, Germany was able to focus on helping its allies such as Italy and Japan and Vichy France.

Erwin Rommel and his Afrika Corpse officers
German diverted more equipment to Africa and the middle east now that Russia had fallen, recapturing the Italian colony in Libya and invading French North Africa. The Afrika corps, led by Erwin Rommel began to spread throughout the dark continent, destroying everything not needed and killing all who wouldn't swear themeselves to the Nazi regime. The British and Free French lost North Africa and began to lose more territory, slowly retreating to South Africa in despertation to consolidate. Germany supported Arab rebels and organized with them and Turkey to invade the British middle east, capturing Iraq, Syria, the Holy Land, and most importantly Iran. With Iran they moved into India, overwhelming it with a combined German and Japanese invasion that capitulated the nation within the last months of 1942. As 1943 rolls around, the Axis are winning with much support going to the chinese lost thanks to Soviet capitulation and the British lost of India.

German tugboat landers for Operation Sea Lion
As Africa and India collapsed, Germany planned operation Sea Lion and did all they could to conceal it while also contacting Ireland for support of their naval ports. They ultimately agreed in exchange for Ulster and descretely managed to deliver troops to Ireland while heavily bombing Britain's radio stations, air fields, military factories, infrustructure, naval bases, and vessels, all to cripple their defenses. With Britain struggling to protect themeselves, Germany executed the operation and landed several troops in Wales and Southern England, slowly our divisions moved across the countryside, encircling London and finally forcing a British surrender after all this time.

Processing img 6a2lqn7zkdc81...
With the initial devistation of the American fleet, much of America's economy had been diverted to the conventional means of warfare and rebuilding the navy and increasing the size of the military, neglecting the research division, at the same time Germany turned to focusing more on its practical researches with a divice called the atom bomb. By forcing jewish scientists like Albert Einstein to give up the information through torture and coercion, Hitler believed he could purify the science, Himmler being a man who was fully behind him. The two works to establish an atomic or nuclear science division that would lead to the construction of the first atom bomb. As their research went on leaps and bounds, the German forces were directed to the Chinese frontlines and Germany officially declared war on the US who had reorganized its forces and working to attack Japan. With the recent surrender of Britain and its capitulation, Australia and Africa as well as Canada and New Zealand had allied with America upon our decleration with war and gave what reasources they could though Canada had few and Africa was busy keeping itself from being killed by the Germans. The Americans attempted an invasion in Shanghai and failed, and the Chinese slowly began to collapse, but the US was refusing to surrender and continuing to hit Japan, increasing Japanese casualties over time. Two years passed as the Japanese and German gains began to slow and Germany finally finished three bombs, two of which were dropped. Once was taken to a long range bomber sent to the recently captured island of Midway and the long range bomber dropped an atomic bomb off the coast of Hawaii, sending radiation across the islands and a shockwave that caused a disasterous wave that destroyed much of the Hawaiin civilian and military buildings. The second bomb was dropped on Australia, on the city of Darwin, levelling it to the ground. The US and its allies surrendered. South Africa and Australia were given their independence same with Canada while Germany and Japan reorganized their gains into puppets or nations influeneced by them or some independent like India and Pakistan due to the trouble of governing them or establishing collaberation governments. And now two eagles reign, one over the NAZI world another over the Free and the Sun of Japan rules over Asia.
It's 1962 now and Peoples are suppressed and persecuted by the facist powers with Japan and Germany splitting relations, the einheitspakt in europe and the co prosperity sphere in asia as the USA tries to fight a desperate cold war against facism by leading the OFN. But Hitler is dying and perhaps....perhaps things can change....if you want it
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2022.01.18 01:56 Bonus1Fact On Dec. 7, 1941, Enoch “Woody” Woodhouse was walking to Sunday church when his mother asked her two sons to do one thing after hearing of the attack on Pearl Harbor earlier that day: Enlist in the military and serve their country.

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2022.01.18 01:56 teaplantsandart Does your dog sleep on your bed?

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2022.01.18 01:56 FlowerSperm Is it?

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2022.01.18 01:56 TheLargeShaft Ear not popping.

I landed from the plane 2.5 hours ago and my left ear hasn’t popped, I’ve done the routine stuff, yawning, holding your nose and blowing, swallowing, and nothing has popped my ear, I even took a hot shower hoping that would do something, I’m just wondering if I go to sleep tonight if it’ll resolve itself or if anyone has any other suggestions.
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2022.01.18 01:56 xHolmesx Looking to complete national development by legendz arcius

I literally have everything and anything (items, stones, pokemon, legendaries, whatever. ) just looking to trade with trustworthy people for anything you need all I need is the shining pearl exclusives ( I promise I will give the legendary escape back as I expect my legendary escape back) anything else you need you can keep seriously. Please help. Thnx
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2022.01.18 01:56 Decrozen Dota 2

Que tal linces de las praderas de entre ríos, como dice el título estoy buscando gente para jugar al moba de gabe Newell, no tengo rango (nunca fui del competitivo pero con gente seria divertido)
Los héroes que maineo son Marci Hoodwink Windranger
Que la fuerza los acompañe Y si quieren jugar otra cosa propongan
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2022.01.18 01:56 FlamingGnats Does anyone do Bozja anymore?

Hey there. I'm on Crystal datacenter and would like to experience the story aspects of Bozja with my wife, but I've heard it's basically dead and some group parts you need to complete to progress are near impossible these days. Is this still the case?
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2022.01.18 01:56 stackcam If an Airbnb is rented by a couple and a single person with 2 identical rooms, what is the fairest way to pay?

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2022.01.18 01:56 DrMcSwagpants Miguel is Miguel’s father

He is his own father
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2022.01.18 01:56 Tannerbaby Hey spidey fans was wondering if you guys know how Sony got past using such high look alike detail of Gatorade? I don’t see a connection for a ad placement. Is it just so small of a detail Gatorade wouldn’t care? Or does Sony have a deal?

Hey spidey fans was wondering if you guys know how Sony got past using such high look alike detail of Gatorade? I don’t see a connection for a ad placement. Is it just so small of a detail Gatorade wouldn’t care? Or does Sony have a deal? submitted by Tannerbaby to SpidermanPS4 [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 01:56 avian946 Storage Overhaul Alternative

Looking for an alternative to storage overhaul for a 1.18.1 server. this mod seems to not be updated to the current version yet. does anyone know of any mods that are similar that offer chest variants that look vanilla. i am aware of the iron chests mod but that doesnt fit the theme of the server. thanks!
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2022.01.18 01:56 singleguy79 The fandom in a nutshell

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2022.01.18 01:56 yyzworker China's claim that Omicron came from Canadian mail dismissed as 'ludicrous'

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2022.01.18 01:56 Keith_Bragg BRONAX Mens Arch Support Moc Insulated Traction Mule $8.09 @ Bronax Sneaker via Amazon

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2022.01.18 01:56 YingAu 北一辉一窥——浮出水面的北一辉


北一辉主义比起墨索里尼主义有一条更明晰的自上而下建立法西斯主义秩序的方法。天皇之意义:天皇乃国民之总代表,国家之根柱。——《日本改造法案》国民之天皇北一辉开门见山,钉死了国家不可改变的上层建筑:天皇制。废止华族制 废止华族制,并撤削阻隔天皇与国民之藩镇,以贯彻明治维新之精神。废止贵族院 设置审议院,以审议众议院之决议案。审议院得否决众议院之决议,但只限一次。审议院议员 于各种功勋者开,依互选或勒选决定之。——《日本改造法案》国民之天皇
希特勒曾将原“德意志工人党”,加上“民族社会主义”的概念,改名:“民族社会主义德意志工人党”,约简则为“ Na zipartei”,即“纳粹党”。他打的旗号是是民族、国家、社会主义。民族社会主义的德文缩写为“Nazi”,成了德国国家社会主义即法西斯的专用符号。
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2022.01.18 01:56 Izaakio14 Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring girl looks into the river, thinking about all the deck searches she's ruined (:

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2022.01.18 01:56 Particular-Ad-4965 I decoded two base64 codes from the website and got this..

The first code found was of a string of letters and numbers you can find my hovering over the first image of a child in a ghost outfit on this link = photo here The original code was
ec21675b4aae555a1ad5bc3e31c4469f But decoded it was
And the second code was found on the same site but has very disturbing images, so be warned‼️ BE WARNED ‼️⚠️ Seriously. It’s very disturbing. Anyway it’s found by hovering over the image with the multiple clowns The original undecoded version is
c56b1084ba32b8ff79f4773e7ad5e06 And the decoded version is
sO8moy{N Again, I’m unsure what to do with these but I’m too freaked out to visit that second website again, if you have any ideas comment then
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2022.01.18 01:56 jibbyjabo They do not talk

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2022.01.18 01:56 motion1111 reading exchange?

chat me up if drawn!
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2022.01.18 01:56 dazingoff Would the base layers of the collective unconscious be common to all organism, and not just within species?

Evolutionarily speaking we all arise from the same first cell, so would there be layers common to various other species? Then as time goes on and we branch off we continue with expanding the collective unconscious. Does this make sense to anyone? Does Jung mention this anywhere?
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