I can’t believe they’re selling the knife for all Spartans in reach for $10.

2021.12.03 17:15 Environmental-Jury-3 I can’t believe they’re selling the knife for all Spartans in reach for $10.

I knew it would happen but I’m still depressed
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2021.12.03 17:15 Cpt_Nell48 The Final Empire IRL

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2021.12.03 17:15 Papatoski LF: Non-English Ditto

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2021.12.03 17:15 Solced [Mega Man 11] #26 Imho a great sequel of the Mega Man series.

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2021.12.03 17:15 aadams24 How much of a raise should i request so that even with taxes I'm making more

I make 41k and I'm meeting with my boss to negotiate my raise. What's the least amount i can ask for so that even with taces coming out i get more money.
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2021.12.03 17:15 blue-moon-motel wjajt should i buy

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2021.12.03 17:15 EdiDragon96 Hmmm

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2021.12.03 17:15 edditbot (+39042) Elon Musk Beats Out Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs As The Most Admired Tech Leader

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2021.12.03 17:15 BigCelebration7504 Redemption 🙏🏽. BOL

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2021.12.03 17:15 EricSchC1fr Omicron is spreading more than twice as quickly as the Delta variant in South Africa, scientists report.

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2021.12.03 17:15 New_Stats Will those sillica packs help with moisture in your sleeping bag?

Hi guys
I just got my first zero degree bag and an planning my first winter camping trip. I want to avoid condensation as much as possible and I'd like to keep my bag as dry as possible, so I was wondering, if I throw some silica packets at the bottom of the bag, do you think there would be any benefit to it? The sillica packs that came with the bag are maybe 4 times the size of the sillica packs that come in clothing or some food, like jerky.
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2021.12.03 17:15 Crafty-Sense-7637 They saved the best 2 for last I can’t wait to see them play a bigger and more main role in season 2

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2021.12.03 17:15 Defiant_Crab5837 My little man 💙 I love this boy so much

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2021.12.03 17:15 Comprehensive_Fee376 anyone else notice that the stripes on a gay flag are straight?

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2021.12.03 17:15 NORDLAN Putin’s commitment to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity

The Budapest Memorandum and the Russia-Ukraine Crisis http://warontherocks.com/2015/06/the-budapest-memorandum-and-the-russia-ukraine-crisis/
How Putin committed to protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in return for Ukraine giving up its nuclear arsenal.
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2021.12.03 17:15 eatchickendaily I cannot register my out-of-state vehicle in New York

I moved to Erie County a couple months ago from Ohio. I've been trying to register my car over the past two and a half months, and I have run into a wall every time.
Background: I purchased my car in June of this year, in Ohio, and registered it in Ohio that month as well. This car is financed, so the title belongs to my Lienholder (Huntington Bank). In Ohio, you receive a memorandum title, which is a certified copy of the title to be used for registration purposes only. I want to register my car here because my current Ohio license plate is a personalized vanity plate that I want to have off my car and to myself. And because New York expects out-of-state newcomers to register their vehicles within 30 days (haha good one).

  1. At the beginning of October, I took all the necessary paperwork to the DMV to get my New York license, and register my car. I got my license without issue, but the DMV rejected my memorandum title. The DMV website makes no mention of memorandum titles at all, so I was shocked to find out this was not allowed.
  2. Immediately afterwards, I called my lienholder (Huntington Bank) to submit a title transfer package to the Erie County DMV. This was its own bag of worms as I have called Huntington alone eight times since September to get this sorted out. Most of the representatives promised they had done certain things that they never actually did (I'll explain this more below). At the beginning of November I finally was able to have them send the title transfer package directly to my address.
  3. After I received the certified copy of my title in the mail (about three weeks ago now), I went back to the DMV to register my car. They rejected it AGAIN, not because my title had any issue with it, but because it wasn't mailed directly to their facility prior to my arrival. They insist that the certified copy must be mailed to them. They won't accept a title I bring in the door with me (that must disqualify all my other paperwork I also brought with me, right??).
  4. I called Huntington today, escalated the issue, talked to a mid-level loan representative, and he confirmed with me today that every prior customer service rep had lied about sending anything to New York or the State DMV (except for the one who had the copy of my title mailed to me directly). He also confirmed that Huntington will not mail any documentation related to my car or my loan to anyone except me.
What the hell am I supposed to do then? The DMV insists that my lienholder receive the certified copy of my title directly in the mail, and my lienholder refuses to mail that copy of my title to the DMV. I tried calling the State DMV this afternoon as well but I haven't gotten through. Is this how you treat new residents, New York? A load of bullshit is what this is.
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2021.12.03 17:15 09hi Cash Rewards

Make extra money on the side while you drive
Try the Miles app today and get rewarded for all of your travels. Earn miles and redeem them for exclusive rewards, enter raffles, and donate to charities. Download the app now to get 1,500 bonus miles using your invite code ABJV8K.
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2021.12.03 17:15 YeoweeWowee Orange-ish looking contam around the mycelium. What is it?

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2021.12.03 17:15 jdrukis It's not called CRY-pto for nothing lol. After hours going to be interesting AF

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2021.12.03 17:15 Kind-Attorney-8342 Rf Vhf 45w 70-200mhz Scematic.

i saw that there was a topic about this but it is closet.
I did not find Some details.
can anybody help me with a correct scematic and correct part values.?
thanks in avance!
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2021.12.03 17:15 Ninkaso I need to find this edit. Please help

So Sub Zero Project hammers out this crazy edit from W&W - Rave Culture at about 24m17s. And I need it. Badly. Can anyone help me find this please? I have never bounced as hard as I did hearing this, pure murder!
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2021.12.03 17:15 DealsCanada *Lightning deal* EPOMAKER SKYLOONG SK61 60% Hot Swappable RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – $66

Link: https://www.amazon.ca/EPOMAKER-Swappabl … 4&th=1 Price: 66.79 Expires: December 4, 2021 Retailer: Amazon.ca
The one with blue and brown switches are $66.79 with a 10$ coupon.
Blue is 7% claimed while brown is 0% claimed as of this post and ends in 9hr 45mins

Link: https://www.amazon.ca/EPOMAKER-Swappabl … 4&th=1
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2021.12.03 17:15 Chernoglediat .

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2021.12.03 17:15 jook55bo was off lexapro for 3 weeks. started back on 10mg and feel like shit whenever i take it. do i have to go through the 4-6 week period again?

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2021.12.03 17:15 afkanunaki Is this the best time (December/January) of the year to buy cars?

I’m planning to buy my first car, and I’d like to know what would 2022 Lexus rx350 (with executive package/f sport 3) approximately cost after taxes (73k) ? Is it usually cheaper around this time of the year? Thank y’all : )
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