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"Headless Danny Davis with the 5 count!"

2021.10.25 06:47 ultimate_end088 "Headless Danny Davis with the 5 count!"

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2021.10.25 06:47 ilovegeckosmore got broken up with last night but i thought i looked kinda cute here. anywayss anyone got any advice on how distract myself

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2021.10.25 06:47 Type3rotiK [Chapter 71] Mira goes straight into my top 2

She's so considerate, love it haha
She wipes his cheek and serves him a glass of water without him even asking lol

She's worried for her friend
And of course
A sweetheart acting like a punk, i just love her.
Kyouka will forever remain my top 1 though.
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2021.10.25 06:47 _Howls_with_Wolves_ Annatar

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2021.10.25 06:47 RelativeTank8625 Uniform day today for rotc

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2021.10.25 06:47 HighlightOk770 How to start a church

Do you guys have any tips for starting a church as a Cleric? Really could use some advice as a player :D
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2021.10.25 06:47 Jensen_Explorer Light-Orange / Light-Grey Katuo-EX FRZR9000 Double-Box Hauler Euclid Galaxy T2 Economy

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2021.10.25 06:47 ZoolShop Windows XP turns 20: Why it’s time to say goodbye

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2021.10.25 06:47 Kitchen-Finger-7714 🐶 WassUP Doge - Steal Launch - Low MC Gem - Mooning Now - Active Community Token - Come and Help Out!

WassUP Doge Token is a Decentralized BEP-20 token that aims to be one of the top on the bsc and also help all dogs in need. All this while making money for you.
Aight guys, you all are so early 😍 There is huge profit coming. Yes. We have made sure all is ready and safe at the time we got enough members to launch. We will be renouncing ownership after we lock the liquidity. This is a great time to enter our Fair-Launch and what better than a GEM? Perfect time if you are getting this now.🥳
Our mission is to bring people together through the ease of our Bsc transfers, strong community, and push for sustainability. We may be strong apart. But we’re better when we’re grow together. ❤️
Our main focus is to eat bacoon on the moon and to be rich enough to buy a lot of lambos. We will be releasing a Roadmap and a very good website pretty soon
We’re better when we’re together.
invite others to benefit from the project, that is the only way we can success better than all the other bsc tokens.
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
⚙️ 2% Auto Liquidity
⚙️ 1% Marketing
⚙️ 7% Redistribution to HODLers
✅ Ownership Renounced ✅ LP Locked On Launch ✅Verified Contract
Contract: 0xc0423ac13478e3e7f015fc7bbed0b9e73ae3b186
Buy Now:
Renounced Ownership:
Liquidty locked:
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2021.10.25 06:47 RilderDarky Was Habe ich den hier Rildes Gefunden

Was Habe ich den hier Rildes Gefunden
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2021.10.25 06:47 Aggravating-Tune8455 Is it OK to break up with my bf over msg

I've been in a relationship for a year, and I don't love him anymore, he is so controlling and emotionally blackmails me. I've tried to break up irl but he ended up convincing me not to. The only way I feel I can do it is on msg but ik Alot of people say you shouldn't.
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2021.10.25 06:47 gautam145 LPT : THIS TOO SHALL PASS

Once an emperor addressed all of his scholars and asked them, “Is there a mantra or any advice which works in every condition, in every state of the situation, at every place, and always without a fail. In every happiness, every despair, every defeat, and every triumph? One answer for all the situations? Something which will help me when no one of you will be present to accompany me? Tell me is there any mantra?”
All the scholars and wise men were clueless by the King’s puzzle. They discussed and apprehended for long.
After a long debate, an old man advised something which everyone found satisfactory. They went to the emperor and gave him something written on a piece of paper, with a condition that the king would not see it now.
Only in utmost emergency, when the King finds himself alone and there would be no-one around to help, only then he can open it. The emperor placed the paper under his Diamond ring.
Sometimes later, the neighboring king invaded his Kingdom. The emperor and his army fought valiantly but got defeated. The emperor had to flee in a forest to save his life. But the enemies chased him.
Riding his horse, the emperor reached the end of the forest and there was nothing else but a valley. Either he could jump and end his life or get caught.
He could neither return because it was a small road…He could hear the sound of galloping horses approaching him fast. The emperor became fearful. There appeared to be a dead end.
Suddenly his Diamond ring shone in the Sun’s light, and he remembered the paper hidden in the ring. He took the paper out from the diamond ring and read the mantra.
The mantra was – “ THIS TOO SHALL PASS ” The emperor read it again and again. Trying to interpret. Suddenly something struck him- Yes! This too will pass.
He thought, only a few days ago, he was ruling his kingdom. He was the bravest of all the rulers. And this unfaithful day, the Kingdom and all his pleasures are gone. I am here running from enemies. Those old days and the luxuries have gone. Like that, this day of danger too will pass. A calmness came on his face. He kept standing there, waiting for his good fate.
Soon, he noticed his surrounding was a scenic beauty. He could hear birds chirping. He never knew that such a beautiful place was also a part of his Kingdom.
The interpretation of the message had a soothing effect on him. He relaxed and forgot about those chasing him. After a few minutes, he noticed that the noise of the horses and the enemy coming was fading down. They lost his track and moved into some other part of the Jungle. They were nowhere near him.
The King got lots of courage. In no time he reassembled his army and fought again. He defeated the enemy king and regained his kingdom. When he returned to his empire after triumph, he was received with much respect and appreciation. The whole kingdom was rejoicing and celebrating his success.
Everyone was in a joyful mood. Flowers were being down-poured on King from every house, from every corner. People were singing, dancing and enjoying. Seeing all this the emperor said to himself, “I am the bravest and greatest King of all. It is not easy to conquer me.
With all the reception and cheering up, he saw an ego emerging in him.
Suddenly the Diamond ring flashed again and reminded him of the mantra.
Unfolding the message, he read it again: “THIS TOO SHALL PASS ”. All his feelings were restrained. His face went through a total change – from the proudness, he moved to a state of deep humbleness. If this too is going to pass, it is not mine. The defeat was not mine, and neither is the victory. I am just a watcher. Everything passes by.
We are spectators of all this. We are the observer. Life comes and goes. Happiness blooms and then fades away. Sorrow comes and goes, nothing is permanent.
Now as you have read this story, sit silently for few minutes and figure out your own life. This too will pass. Think of the moments of happiness and joy in your life. Think of the moment of pain and sorrow. Are they permanent? Everything good or bad is bound to end.
“The Only Constant in Life Is Change.”- Heraclitus
Life just keeps ongoing. Is there anything permanent in this world?.
Everything is bound to change, except the law of change. Analyze it from your own perspective. You have been through all the changes, whether pleasant or unpleasant. You have survived all the mishappenings, all the troubles, and all sorrows. Everything has passed away, isn’t it?
Having problems in the present? They too will pass. Because nothing remains forever. Happiness and sorrow are the two faces of life. And both will perish eventually.
You are just a mute viewer of change. Experience it, analyze it, and live the present moment – This too shall pass.
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2021.10.25 06:47 5igorsk "Спасти Москву". Лютейшая срань!

Классический пример поцреотического говнокино. Сценарий - как будто Мединский писал. (Кстати, кто на самом деле писал, даже и не указано.)
Режиссер - Вера Сторожева. В главной роли - Мария Луговая.
Уровень зашквара можете оценить по анонсу.
В судьбе Марии Петровой как в зеркале отразилась судьба страны: дочь священника, отрекшаяся от отца и от веры, она служит в НКВД. Накануне битвы за Москву Мария встречает ясновидящую старицу Матрону, а вскоре именно Марии выпадает задание доставить в Москву чудотворную икону Божией Матери, находящуюся за линией фронта на оккупированной территории.
Класс, да? Энкаведешница встретила бабушку Мудонью, и именно Марии в разгар войны с фрицами выпадает задание доставить в Маськву чудотворную икону, а то ведь других важных дел во время войны, почитай, и не было.
Из википедеи следует, что Матрона жила с 1942 года в Москве. Как она оказалась в Москве в 41м?
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2021.10.25 06:47 ExplanationNo6239 Trigger

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2021.10.25 06:47 Dedicated2Jesus Dedicated2Jesus Daily Devotional Audio — Matthew 4.18-20 ‘Living Triumphantly’

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2021.10.25 06:47 anny007 How many remember Hip Hip Hurray?

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2021.10.25 06:47 Fcktheworldpodcast CHECK OUT OUR PODCAST

ATTENTION! Go and check out the fck the world podcast on Youtube and Spotify.
We are a podcast that talk about anything and everything, such as personal experiences and big news in the world. It would mean everything if you could at least check us out. We hope to see you soon.
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2021.10.25 06:47 0xMilkiix0 Giving away an old main oc! Code In comments

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2021.10.25 06:47 Ricosss Time-Restricted Eating: A Novel and Simple Dietary Intervention for Primary and Secondary Prevention of Breast Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease. (Pub Date: 2021-09-30)
Abstract There is substantial overlap in risk factors for the pathogenesis and progression of breast cancer (BC) and cardiovascular disease (CVD), including obesity, metabolic disturbances, and chronic inflammation. These unifying features remain prevalent after a BC diagnosis and are exacerbated by BC treatment, resulting in elevated CVD risk among survivors. Thus, therapies that target these risk factors or mechanisms are likely to be effective for the prevention or progression of both conditions. In this narrative review, we propose time-restricted eating (TRE) as a simple lifestyle therapy to address many upstream causative factors associated with both BC and CVD. TRE is simple dietary strategy that typically involves the consumption of ad libitum energy intake within 8 h, followed by a 16-h fast. We describe the feasibility and safety of TRE and the available evidence for the impact of TRE on metabolic, cardiovascular, and cancer-specific health benefits. We also highlight potential solutions for overcoming barriers to adoption and adherence and areas requiring future research. In composite, we make the case for the use of TRE as a novel, safe, and feasible intervention for primary and secondary BC prevention, as well as tertiary prevention as it relates to CVD in BC survivors.
------------------------------------------ Info ------------------------------------------
Open Access: True
Authors: Rebecca A. G. Christensen - Amy A. Kirkham -
Additional links:
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2021.10.25 06:47 Careful_Oil_3487 This is my post and i won?! This is the way

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2021.10.25 06:47 PetrutK 🐰 $Baby RocketBunny - Fair Launch OCT 25TH @ 6:00 PM UTC | TOP 10 CoinSniper | Audit provided | Snipe Protection| 50% Burn | One Month 100% LP Locked

🚀🐰 $Baby RocketBunny is a decentralized finance project that will be launched on Binance Smart Chain on October 25th at 6 pm UTC. You can find the token available for trade on Pancakeswap, the most popular Decentralized Exchange on BSC. A new Meme token, based on Elon Musk tweet, with huge potential.
🚀🐰 $Baby RocketBunny is a token based on the Binance Smart Chain that will be Fair-Launched on Oct 25th at 6:00 PM UTC.
📌Contract: 0x1814266f34053af048d53e87d57f1fb553d5ce8c
💬 Telegram:
🌎 Website:
💬 Twitter:
❗️ Fair Launch
🔒 100% of the Liquidity will be locked until 2022 via DxSale
➡️ Buyback active
➡️ Anti-Snipe
➡️ Airdrops will be randomly distributed to active members on Telegram after the launch.
NAME: Baby RocketBunny
SYMBOL: $BabyRocketBunny
TOTAL SUPPLY: 100,000,000,000
Burn: 50%
Liquidity: 45%
Airdrop: 3%
Marketing: 2%
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2021.10.25 06:47 SirChubblesby BSL Signed Stories: Rosa Parks: Little People, Big Dreams by Lisbeth Kaiser

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2021.10.25 06:47 scythe314 The king stays the king

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2021.10.25 06:47 taipeicity 【ROCKMAN X DiVE】闇黑古堡的神秘主人/The mysterious master of the Nocturnal Castle

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2021.10.25 06:47 Massive_Dinner 🐺Safe Saitama 🐺 Fair Launching In 15 Minutes! | Earn Saitama tokens for holding! 30% of Supply Will Be Burnt 🔥 Anti-Whale & Anti-Bot Features

🐺Safe Saitama 🐺 Fair Launching In 15 Minutes! | Earn Saitama tokens for holding! 30% of Supply Will Be Burnt 🔥 Anti-Whale & Anti-Bot Features

Safe Saitama Inu 🐺

Safe Saitama Inu 🐕 is taking it 2 steps further by introducing an in house Anti Whale Dump System to solve the problem of the sales and also an Anti-bot feature to avoid large dumps. And is the combination of RISE and HODL. DESIGN TO ERECT No coin other than Safe Saitama Inu 🐕 has introduced all three of the feature’s. This will be Revolutionary and Safe Saitama Inu 🐕 will be the first coin to implement this.

We aim to be a paid marketing service for new crypto tokens and coins. Our holders will benefit from features within our contract. We will have features such as buy back functions and holders automatically gain 1,000 tokens from every time somebody sells! We have major partnerships to be announced soon and have plenty paid promotions to get this token to the moon 🚀🌙.

Anti-Bot 🤖

Safe Saitama Inu 🐕 has an anti-bot system which can detect and blacklist bots, making it more of a fair place for investors alike.

This will avoid large sell off’s caused by bots during the launch phase. Having all three systems will give many levels of support to see consistent growth and green charts.

This revolutionary implementation will attract many big investors getting into this coin due to its new 3 in 1 system. This is an opportunity for you to get in early for what will be the next big thing.


4% total transaction fee



1% Liquidity


Name token: SAFE SAITAMA


Network: BEP-20

Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000 tokens

Burn 🔥: Every 5k we increase in marketcap 10℅ of the supply will be burnt

No transaction size greater than 0.5% of all coins. This ensures that no single individual can't sell off large amounts all at once.


🍰Contract : 0x4C0083Cf842Da35c1ce86862Bf9A7314DaB4114E

🍰Buy :

🍰TG :

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