What the fuck, this is fucking child abuse

2021.10.25 07:38 Star-Slicer What the fuck, this is fucking child abuse

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2021.10.25 07:38 Distinct-Equipment18 The next mcu spiderman trilogy...

Should have peter engaging in more hand to hand combat like tobey's peter. This aspect of raimi movies is why I love them. Tasm movies had less hand to hand combat and mcu spidey is a wuss. Now that peter is growing, he should face dangerous villains who rival his strength.
Villains such as goblin, hammerhead, scorpion, kingpin, tombstone and venom are perfect for next trilogy. I loved the goblin fights and sandman fights from the raimiverse. All the villains tobey faced were physically dangerous .
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2021.10.25 07:38 happycoinclub На прошлой неделе сайт, который сканирует интернет на предмет утечки данных, сообщил, что из базы данных CoinMarketCap было украдено 3,1 миллиона адресов электронной почты. 12 октября сайт Have I Been Pwned обнаружил, что электронные адреса, используемые на сайте агрегатора цен на криптовалюту,

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2021.10.25 07:38 Careful_Mixture_7277 Gate Guard

So I had this super awkward encounter yesterday. I was on my way delivering an order to a gated community when the guard pops up and starts complaining that past Uber drivers have cancelled his order. He then goes on and tells me to just go and cancel the order since “you guys” do it all of the time. I am on the spectrum, so the unexpected complain coming from an unknown person temporarily overstimulated me. Meanwhile, I kept trying to show him that my customers order is in the car and I really need to drop it off. This went on for five minutes until he decided to open the door. This wasn’t the first time that he has done this to me. The first time I showed up to deliver, he went on to tell me that “you guys are assholes and yell at me for no reason”. Super uncomfortable considering I’m polite as I can be and he is always taking out his frustrations on me. I just wish some of you would stop being jerks while out there. The rest of us deal with it one way or the other, it seems.
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2021.10.25 07:38 MooseBoys Hey look a 100lb cat!

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2021.10.25 07:38 MedicchuOtaku18 CORPSE PARTY 2021 HD Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - The Beginning ( PC )

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2021.10.25 07:37 NewsElfForEnterprise Bitcoin is going to be a 'gigantic asset class,' says Anthony Scaramucci

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2021.10.25 07:37 onlineattorney13 Different small business lawyers

What is a corporate lawyer and everything you need to know about this profession. We are sure that you might have come across the term ” Corporate Law”, but ever wondered what it exactly means? Corporate Law consists of all the rules and regulations which are considered when we talk about the functioning and formation of corporations.
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2021.10.25 07:37 Progamersera AI voice-acting tool xVASynth gets even better at recreating videogame voices

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2021.10.25 07:37 Dup-Scoop [HOBBY] [UNPAID] Needing a dev team for a 2D Platformer.

I’m a 2D artist new to making games but have had some experience but it has never really been put to a challenge and I’ve always wanted to make my own game, so I need some people to help me make a 2D platformer with its own mechanics. It could be a cross-platform game (Android, Apple, PC, Mac. etc.) but other than that I would need an experienced coder, or a coder who knows how to make platformers, A musician who has atleast some experience (doesn't have to be game experience but would be preferable) A writer for cutscenes and 2D pixel artist to help me with the game’s tilemaps and spritesheets. I would do most of the UI and GUIs like chat boxes, health bars, Fonts, all of those things. All would need experience, Musician wouldn’t need game experience same with the writers, This would be really appreciated, If you feel like you would want to help me make this game, message me on Reddit or on Discord at my tag: Dup has (an) gun #4219. Would also be appreciated if I could get this amount of developers, but minimum 1 of each:
2 Coders
2 2D Pixel Artists
3 Musicians (Preferably FL Studio, if not tell me what program you would be using.)
1 Writer (2 If needed, but would be very helpful.)
Again, would be very glad if anyone would actually like to help me create this when they can, but it’s up to you. Thanks again!
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2021.10.25 07:37 KAHJ61 Buying gold and silver packs for coins and they have to be in 10s or 20s

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2021.10.25 07:37 LMMS_Opus_YT LMMS progressive house track

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2021.10.25 07:37 MatchPatient4551 Ayyyejae masturbating with big fuking dildo so wet

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2021.10.25 07:37 facewithhairdude Tell him he's got some nerve coming here.

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2021.10.25 07:37 MatchPatient4551 Ayyyejae masturbating with big fuking dildo so wet

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2021.10.25 07:37 2001bigslimE I can’t take this breakup

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2021.10.25 07:37 larrykeras How big of an issue is thermal management with the non-58 machines?

Was watching video on the Flair 58 and most of the comments were from people glad to see the electric preheat controller "solve" the thermal management issues on the other models.
Is really a sticky point in the workflow for people? I had planned on getting the Pro 2, probably steam-heating the brew head, and usually making 1 shot per use.
I prefer the coherent aesthetics of the Pro 2, and concept of making every manual. But if manually preheating the brew head really screws up the consistency of results, then I might consider the 58 electric instead.
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2021.10.25 07:37 headcase1111 Does anyone else catch themselves trying to "ace" every interaction? How do you take the pressure off yourself, or be likeable without trying so hard?

I think I pressure myself to be funny and on top of my game a lot. Like I always try to make people laugh or set a good impression.
I think this pressure can be kind of off putting, but at the same time I'm afraid I'm boring if I slow down or start to shut up or relax too much.
What do?
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2021.10.25 07:37 Bookworm_91_ Think my boyfriend may have cheated. What should I do?

I (30f) have been with my boyfriend (30m) for a little over a year now. We both live with family at the moment in the same city (about 25 mins away from each other). Whenever we stay the night together it’s either where I live when I have the place to myself or at a hotel. I am very much in love with him and he has said the same. We’ve discussed marriage, children, and moving in together in the spring.
We have both been very busy lately, him with school and work, me with work and earning a new certification. So we didn’t see each other Friday or Saturday. Yesterday (Sunday) we went out to dinner, though we initially had plans earlier in the day. The event we wanted to go to was sold out so we opted for an early dinner. When he called me to change plans I noticed he was drinking a coffee, but the cup was not from his normal coffee shop. I asked him where he got the coffee from. I was surprised when he told me because they don’t have any locations near him, just downtown in our city.
Later in the evening he picked me up from my house and I noticed what I thought was a parking lot pass on his dashboard. It immediately struck me as odd because to my knowledge he hadn’t been anywhere where he would have to pay for parking over the weekend. I did my best to read it and made note of the colors on the pass. I wanted to grab it to take an even closer look but I got enough of the information to look into it. I also noticed a bag from the coffee shop in the back seat, he hadn’t mentioned getting any pastries from the coffee shop and he’s a big foodie so it’s something he would mention.
It didn’t occur to me to look into it until he made a couple off hand comments during the date (one about needing time before posting a picture of us on social media, the other a “joke” about breaking up) and we didn’t have sex at the end of the night (it’s been about 5 days since our last round). He claimed he’s been stressed and had masturbated about 5 times in the last couple days so he wasn’t in the mood. He tends to have a lower sex drive than I do so I didn’t pay too much attention to it.
When he left to go home I just had an odd feeling. I slept on it and when I woke up this morning I looked up the name I had seen on the parking tag which turns out to be a valet tag, and it only leads to one place. A brand new hotel in our city, that is right around the corner from the coffee shop he went to.
When I thought about it the last time I heard from him Saturday night was about 8pm and I didn’t hear from him again until right after 1pm Sunday, he was driving and drinking the coffee from the shop around the corner from that hotel. Check out from the hotel is at 12:00pm.
For context I have known him to stay overnight at a hotel alone to recharge his batteries but that is always something he would tell me. He hid this from me and I’m pretty upset about it.
What should I do? Do I confront him? Have a talk over the phone or in person?
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2021.10.25 07:37 Athena5210 Do you have an ex you regret breaking up with? Why or why not?

Curious to know how most men look back on their former relationships and if there are any common regrets or themes.
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2021.10.25 07:37 EnryoMazino Look at what just arrived ❤❤❤❤

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2021.10.25 07:37 Sea_Procedure_2267 France QR conversion update

Hello there. This is an update on an application I made 3 weeks ago to swap my NHS QR code to a French one for the Vaccine. Unfortunately my request has been rejected as I am applying from a country that affording to the message 'is a part of the European Coronavirus Vaccine pass system' however as far as I am aware the UK is still not part of this system. Am I mistaken? Has anybody else had any luck regarding the code. Thanks
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2021.10.25 07:37 jobsinanywhere AgTech Innovator of the Year-Canada

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2021.10.25 07:37 Blackburns22 Foundation (2021) S1 E6 "Death and the Maiden"

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2021.10.25 07:37 jobsinanywhere PayPal says they aren’t trying to buy Pinterest

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