Plant-based yogurt and blueberry ice cream (straightforward)

2021.10.25 08:02 HealthyDeal20 Plant-based yogurt and blueberry ice cream (straightforward)

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2021.10.25 08:02 NopNapNarp A 2.5 Hour Critique/Commentary on Sly Cooper Thieves in Time

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2021.10.25 08:02 ranchflavoredfetus Check Me

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2021.10.25 08:02 HarryRichard2069 Isabella

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2021.10.25 08:01 MundaneRope8665 Has anyone heard of CoyIM?

Just came across CoyIM. Looks promising, it's basically XMPP + Tor + OTR. It even has interoperability with other OTR and XMPP clients.
But I don't know much about it, and there's only a few posts about it on Reddit. Anybody have more experience with it?
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2021.10.25 08:01 civver3 Close-up of my Abomination from Warcraft Halloween costume .

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2021.10.25 08:01 TVA_agent Yet another "one does not simply walk" meme

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2021.10.25 08:01 whens-lunch We have the meats tho

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2021.10.25 08:01 Empty-Athlete-1653 Ciao 100k plunge

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2021.10.25 08:01 Gimmpmyyyyy Darkrai raid by me:33 add me 6536 2244 1632

Hurry plis
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2021.10.25 08:01 TheGreatCherryPopper The Start Of A New Journey !

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2021.10.25 08:01 BusyBusyBizzy The Facebook Papers: Documents reveal internal fury and dissent over site’s policies

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2021.10.25 08:01 Stifu Beatnik, old and new

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2021.10.25 08:01 Such_Benefit_9415 Tryna keep snakes away from my backyard, found this on Amazon and was wondering if it actually works. Also if it works why and how does it work???

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2021.10.25 08:01 attractive-ai Who has the best website UX?

Big startup events like Slush and Web Summit are coming up and some people are now choosing between these 2. Do you think the website UX affects the choice?

I'm really curious to see what the professionals think about UX of these 2 websites.
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2021.10.25 08:01 autotldr German court jails IS bride for crimes against humanity

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 64%. (I'm a bot)

The Munich Higher Regional Court on Monday jailed a German woman for 10 years after hearing she had stood idly by as a 5-year-old Yazidi "Slave" girl was left to die of thirst in the sun.
The conviction of the 30-year-old Jennifer W. is one the first anywhere in the world related to the persecution of the Yazidi community by the "Islamic State" terrorist group.
The court found W. guilty of "Two crimes against humanity in the form of enslavement," as well as aiding and abetting the girl's killing by failing to intervene.
"After the girl fell ill and wet her mattress, the husband of the accused chained her up outside as punishment and let the child die an agonizing death of thirst in the scorching heat," prosecutors said during the trial.
His ongoing trial - the first against a former IS militant to deal with the IS genocide of the Yazidi - has attracted international attention.
In July, a court in Hamburg sentenced the widow of an IS terrorist to extra jail time for using enslaved Yazidi girls to clean her home.
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Post found in /worldnews.
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2021.10.25 08:01 Alternative_Smile276 2000 \●/ The Empire Strikes Back!

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2021.10.25 08:01 Portuganimado Home Alone 2 with Bully Maguire

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2021.10.25 08:01 eNkay- Armz Legends Token Presale ! Whitelist Application Available πŸ’ͺπŸΌβœ…

Donβ€˜t miss the Token Presale from Armz Legends on 10/30 ⏳
Whitelist Application: βœ…
Whitelist competition ending: October 29th, 1:59 PM UTC (for more Infos click on link) πŸ’‘
ArmzLegends is a Play to Earn NFT game on Binance Smart Chain.
The goal of the game is to recruit the most powerful Armz in the universe and defeat legendary enemies.
As you win, you'll earn PROT tokens, which you can use to recruit more Armz or upgrade your own.
Our goal is to provide a fun experience and create a community around it, while allowing everyone to benefit financially.
We are passionate gamers and we have imagined ArmzLegends as the Play to Earn we would have liked, we are sure you will enjoy it.
Website: [](
Twitter: ArmzLegends TG: [](
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2021.10.25 08:01 hanidi13 Hangi Türk ülkesinde yaşamak isterdiniz?

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2021.10.25 08:01 gelatocar What Australian magazine(s) do you subscribe to?

I'm missing my subscription to Smith Journal and looking for any good local art/design/literature (or any other genre) magazines that still offer a physical subscription. It seems that a lot of magazines are either shutting down or are moving to online-only. I spend so much time on my computer that it is good to have a physical magazine to flick through, and having something show up in your letterbox semi-frequently is always a nice surprise.
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2021.10.25 08:01 legondor Mega Absol can add 10 asap 1363 9625 3825

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2021.10.25 08:01 Fal_Cuagse New to Jayce.

Last week I wanted to learn an ad champ so I started to learn Jayce top. I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice for a beginner? I take conq and want to know if there are different runes that are viable. I main viktor and xerath support so I’m used to poke runes, which has gotten me interested in trying poke runes on jayce.
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2021.10.25 08:01 ZoolShop Ofcom Tell UK Phone Operators to Block Foreign VoIP Scam Calls

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2021.10.25 08:01 The-Guvnor Oh no, I accidentally took my cat's medication from the vets .

Don't ask meow...
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