Question about Standard Physical Copies

2021.10.25 08:10 Ce3j1120 Question about Standard Physical Copies

Let’s cut straight to it, do PRE-ORDERED physical copies of vanguard (ps4-5 and the Xbox’s) have the same bonuses as the digital version like Kingsley and the PPSH blueprint with those redeemable codes because I pre-ordered from a store here in the Philippines and I would like to know. Stay safe ppl😛
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2021.10.25 08:10 epicanimalstudios My 3 weeks from hell (Advice Please)

So, I'm settling into freshman year just fine. Then October came, and everything started hitting the fan. First week: I get exposed to COVID just days before my mom and 82 year old Grandmother come to visit me, and have to miss a test for a class because of it (remember this). Next day I find out that I'm negative (even after a triple exposure) and can continue with my weekend and fall break. Weekend arrives an I attend the sporting events I so love to go to. What happens, only 4 straight blowout losses to the same team in 3 different sports, but at least I got to see family. Next Week: So the last week was a bit crazy, but this one will be better. Tuesday-Broken Phone. Wednesday-Oversleep all of my classes. Thursday-Find out the concert I want to go to is now a summer tour that I'll have to re-buy tickets for and won't get approval for from my mom (who I'll be living with in the summer) (No, being 18 doesn't change anything). So, at least I have more sports to look foreward to. Well, I forgot to meantion that I broke my phone right before watching a soccer game. So, we beat a terrible team by 1 point in football that we should've crushed- no satisfaction. But wait, it get's better. On Sunday, I learn that my boyfriend doesn't appreciate that I haven't talked to him as much as I should have (mostly because of the afformentioned events). Furthermore, I find out via my side (I'm in an open relationship) that someone is claiming I made racist comments. Except they never told me about it, or even told my side what I said, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what it could've been if that is true (for context, I have ASD, so my situational awareness is garbage, so that may be why). Anyway, the drama in the dorm is at a point where police almost get called, and fomal complaints made--almost. So I'm left in the dark on this, then Thursday comes... oh holy jesus. Event 1-My Red Sox are getting blown out, so I go to a volleyball game, where things are great after a 2-0 set lead needing 1 more to win. Then I get a call from my mom that a very close family friend died of COVID. After that call, I trip on my up the bleachers (this happened about 4 times). We then blow said lead, in which the away team cheers during our alma mater (extremely disresepctful and classless) So I leave pissed and upset, and trip on another set of stairs on my way back. At this point, I just yelled. Then I did it-I asked what else is going to happen? Less than 2 seconds later-airpods case falls out of my bag, and somehow doesn't break. But then I realised that my wallet wasn't in my bag. So I have to turn on my phone's flashlight and retrace all my steps, thankfully someone finds it. I get back to the dorm, not even 30 minutes later, someone accidentally sits on and breaks my glasses. I just went into my room after and yelled for a solid 30 minutes. I did not sleep for the 3rd night that week. Things get slightly better, even got to see Vanilla ice perform at a pride festival (I was as surpised as you probably are). But lo and behold, back to reality. I find out someone said (to my side) they had video evidence against the person who made the claims against me. Also, turns out the video was of her threatening physical violence against my side. Except one problem, they never sent him the video, and unfollowed him on all social media for no apparent reason. Next day, I find out the same person filed a formal complaint, so I'll now have to talk to the head RLC about the situation. In all of this chaos, I have yet to make up the afformentioned test, and have also not found time to complete a nine page research log, which I had already gotten extended due to the death of the family friend. Anyway, does anyone have any advice regarding the issues I'm having, or at least how to handle the stress of it?
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2021.10.25 08:10 bored876 Wow

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2021.10.25 08:10 Soviet_Yunyun_- What are your thoughts on the Suppressed Scar?

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2021.10.25 08:10 Chronigan2 Nagatoro Season 2

Since Nagatoro is getting a second season, do you think the first will get an english dub?
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2021.10.25 08:10 derwinRl Me when one RKO can defeat the Fiend but 11 stomps cant

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2021.10.25 08:10 assualtweaponban America has a gun violence problem. What do we do about it?

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2021.10.25 08:10 ExplorerOfLife Best FOSS Signal app?

I got the message on Twinhelix' SignalFOSS that it is outdated in 10 days. I havent got updates too.
What is the best FOSS Signal app?
Standard Signal?
Still Twinhelix?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.25 08:10 Priapus4u In the lift

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2021.10.25 08:10 CoinjoyAssistant Octo Technology Unveils Open Tezos

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2021.10.25 08:10 Armin557
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2021.10.25 08:10 noticeurblinks [faceid] requirement bypass

when I force-quit apollo and open it again, it requests the faceid requirement I’ve set.
Before the app authenticates, I swipe out and open it again, and gain access.
I’ve set the new grace period to one minute, but I’m guessing it triggers-out when force quitting an app, due to it requesting.
iphone 11 pro max ios 14.8
apollo 1.11.5
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2021.10.25 08:10 TOMOCHI-SAMA Baams wifu Yuri by_mckingarts deviantart

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2021.10.25 08:10 matteothecreator me sinto completamente sozinho, e eu não aguento mais

desde pequeno eu sempre tive muita dificuldade pra fazer amigos, desde os meus 6 anos eu sempre tive experiências horríveis com amizades.
enfim, na minha infância eu sempre fui uma pessoa muito sozinha, todo mundo se afastava de mim na sala de aula e quando eu tentava fazer amizade com alguém, essa pessoa me impedia de conversar com ela, dizendo que sla, tá ocupada. as pessoas me olhavam estranho na sala quando eu olhava pra elas, quando eu era pequeno eu não ligava, mas hoje em dia eu reparei nessas lembranças e percebi que isso não é de hoje.
pulando o tempo da história pra agora, quando havia começado minhas aulas, planejei voltar uma amizade antiga minha, a gente tinha muitas lembranças engraçadas e nossa amizade teria continuado se a gente não tivesse brigado por um motivo extremamente bobo, mas enfim. chegando na aula, planejei o seguinte: vou escrever uma carta pra ele assim que eu chegar em casa. Chegando o meio da aula eu ne questionei se mandava naquele momento mesmo ou não, chegando no final, eu escrevi. na sala mesmo. e quando chegou a hora de entregar pra ele eu travei, minha ansiedade subiu, mas eu consegui. Joguei na mesa dele e fingi estar fazendo outra coisa. rapidamente, ele me respondeu. me deu o número dele e conversamos muito.
depois, eu comecei a desabafar com ele sobre meu relacionamento que tava ruim, e ele se irritou comigo e me deu block no WhatsApp. o ponto que eu quero chegar é que, desde sempre, nunca tive amigos de verdade, quem se aproxima, me machuca. e muito. esse meu amigo foi a esperança de que minha vida fosse melhorar. que eu iria fazer vários amigos a partir dele e que eu teria uma vida sociável e que teria várias pessoas pra confiar e dar risadas mas...ele se afastou de mim pq eu desabafei com ele. me dói muito o fato de que ele não deu a mínima pro que eu tava sentindo, e pisou em mim como se eu fosse um pedaço de merda sem algum sentimento. ele foi só mais das várias pessoas que vieram na minha vida pra me iludir com uma vida feliz e sociável. e depois, me tratam feito merda. mas, eu não vou negar, eu tenho problemas mentais que me impedem de que alguém se aproxime, eu tenho problemas sérios com raiva, quando eu começo a me irritar eu tenho que me forçar muito pra não descontar em alguém ou em mim mesmo. isso afastou muita gente importante de mim, e isso só consegue me fazer chorar mais ainda. eu não queria ser assim, porque todo mundo que tá em volta de mim tem vários amigos e eu não? pq todas as experiências sociais que eu tenho são péssimas e só pioram meu estado mental? ninguém é meu amigo de verdade. ninguém se importa realmente comigo e isso machuca MUITO. pq tem muita gente por aí que sempre que fica mal com alguma situação, tem alguém pra confiar e desabafar, eu não, eu nunca tive isso. eu nunca tive um grupo de amigos pra rir e confiar, pra fazer coisas legais que amigos fazem, pra revigorar minha solidão. eu tenho que desabafar num subreddit pq eu não tenho nenhuma porra de amigo pra me ajudar. eu tenho que lidar com tudo sozinho, sempre. é sempre minha culpa. Eu não tenho culpa de ter esses problemas de raiva e esses surtos, eu não escolhi ser assim, mas todo mundo coloca a culpa em mim, como se eu ficasse irritado por pura escolha. Claro né filho da puta? é claro. eu amo afastar as pessoas importantes da minha vida por conta de algo que eu não tenho algum controle. é OBVIO que minha culpa sempre que eu dou esses surtos, eu sou o monstro né? pois eu te digo, grande parte dos monstros tem a escolha de ser ruins ou bons. eu não tenho essa escolha. preciso de um conforto, um conselho ou uma mensagem de apoio. não aguento mais ser uma pessoa sozinha que não tem nada na vida além de memórias horríveis e uma mente instável. pronomes, ele/dele.
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2021.10.25 08:10 SJHarrison1992 Know it's got a mixed reputation here, but could be big news if it does happen!

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2021.10.25 08:10 kevinowdziej Not cool

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2021.10.25 08:10 Devilsprofit (Request) grimoire of the necronomicon - Donald Tyson

Thanks in advance
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2021.10.25 08:10 2020PeterHK After watching all the S1 episodes, I wish the gang in an episode or 2 in S2 might have a near suicidal mission to the near hollow Earth crust that's similar to this video in 2020 "RUSH: Alpha Team".

From 5.11 Tactical ->
From Offensive Group->
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2021.10.25 08:10 Ctrock90 cring r/emojipolice

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2021.10.25 08:10 _ZEN0N-TheCloudKing i think i should go inactive again

this is boring lmao
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2021.10.25 08:10 spragual How much you bet that WoW is gonna censor the Cult of the Damned to the Cult of the Dead but not Quite yet?

To some of you people out there, this is a JOKE.
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2021.10.25 08:10 mydadbald420 Assam: Muslim man arrested for marrying and looting Hindu woman using fake Hindu identity, police call it a case of love jihad. jasim-uddin had married the woman, both from Assam in a temple in Tamil Nadu where both of them working, pretending to be a Hindu man.

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2021.10.25 08:10 auran_fox But how do I liquor cap it?

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2021.10.25 08:10 real_flyingduck91 what happened to cream the rabbit?

seriously she's not been in any sonic games lately, did anything happen?
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