😂 Ransomwaer 😂

2021.09.28 20:55 CallmeLauwwa 😂 Ransomwaer 😂

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2021.09.28 20:55 IagoRigel How you guys are making that sweet money?

As the title says, I was wondering how are you guys accumulating money to buy territories.
For me, I am seeling carry bags
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2021.09.28 20:55 JordanArmChamp A drawing a Griffith my gf has almost finished for me. (no spoilers for 114+ please)

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2021.09.28 20:55 UnderstandingDear487 Nutidensmor og Jesper Søvndal SKAL GIFTES! 😍🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍

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2021.09.28 20:55 SunnyGrassBeachRelax Saw this post earlier and wanted to say THANK YOU FOR THE DIP BEFORE PAY-DAY. BUYING VIA COMPUTERSHARE.

Saw this post earlier and wanted to say THANK YOU FOR THE DIP BEFORE PAY-DAY. BUYING VIA COMPUTERSHARE. submitted by SunnyGrassBeachRelax to GMEJungle [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 20:55 dowblabber Can't log in to website...

I'm pretty sure I entered the correct password but it keeps saying it's incorrect. I've tried all of my usual passwords but nothing works. I requested password recovery but after 1 hour I haven't received the email.
Is the site experiencing issues?
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2021.09.28 20:55 th340d Rule #2: Social media will soon be the cornerstone of nearly all human innovation.

Rule #2: Social media will soon be the cornerstone of nearly all human innovation.
Rule #2 (Expanded): (Like the internet, computers and electricity before it,) social media (is/)will soon be the cornerstone of nearly all human innovation.
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2021.09.28 20:55 arab3lla Poured fresh passion fruit juice over coconut ice cream, topped with local pineapple and chocolate mint cookies

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2021.09.28 20:55 rossmcdapc F1 podcast suggestions

Looking for suggestions on F1 podcast to jump into. Ideally anything as neutral as possible would be great and ideally in English.
I've been suggested F1 nation by the wife, and do intend to listen. But any other suggestions from the wider community would be genuinely great.
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2021.09.28 20:55 Mickey_1578 I am from California, 35F, someone just wants to make friends and share life

I have a very harmonious family with few friends. Find 30-50M friends here and share the colors of life.

Like swimming, traveling, fitness, golf, reading, shopping, I hope to find like-minded people.
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2021.09.28 20:55 Arma-gaming Check out one of my songs from my album! let me know what you think and feel free to listen to the rest of the album. Hope you enjoy, Thanks!

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2021.09.28 20:55 Spuddy14 Tips for understanding spoken French?

I am a Canadian student studying in France and I noticed I am having some trouble understanding and following along conversations in French. I can read/write just fine, and speak well enough to express my ideas and carry along a conversation. The missing piece for me is listening comprehension. When it’s another non native French speaker speaking French I understand just fine. But with the native French it feels faster, and more confusing.
Any tips for help with understanding spoken French in France?
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2021.09.28 20:55 faggo_ma_daddo Can anyone name literally anything

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2021.09.28 20:55 lickleoli last suit/first movie

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2021.09.28 20:55 OkStatement1682 Saw this from my tree stand

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2021.09.28 20:55 MixedMexican What happens when you steal someone’s food? (I used to be a customer)

Decided I’m never using DoorDash again after getting my food stolen, reported it, called, and still didn’t get a refund. Driver stole my food after asking them how long they’d take after being over 50 minutes late. No response, nothing, I get it might be busy sometimes I used to be doing rideshare apps back in the day. But what I never did was call and harass my customers for asking when their order would be fulfilled. Like WTF?!!? Then just taking their food, saying you delivered it, dude even had the audacity to drive past my house. What happens to these people?
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2021.09.28 20:55 YorkDork19 What size mesh for covering air vents?

I'm building a new bin. I've got 3/4 inch holes drilled around the sides near the top that I want to cover with mesh to keep worms in and pests out.
Does anyone have a feel for an optimal size of mesh for that?
On hand, I have landscape cloth (seems too closed) and cheesecloth (a couple layers looks like it would work).
I've also considered an old t-shirt or maybe some screen print material.
I've also got some leftover stainless steel window screen. That does let tiny bugs through, though. Not sure if that would be an issue.
Any opinions or experience on this? Is the organic (cotton ) cheese cloth or t-shirt material a no-no?
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2021.09.28 20:55 k0rnball T-Mobile YTTV Promo and Losing NBC Channels?

For those of us who got the $10 YTTV discount earlier this year through T-Mobile, has anyone heard if our bill will drop to $44.99 for the remaining promo months?
Otherwise, I guess it's effectively dead if/when NBC channels are dropped?
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2021.09.28 20:55 muchomanga Tips for improving Ayaka's Perma Freeze DPS for Abyss Floor 12?

2 months and a half after starting the game I finally got my first Abyss Floor 12 Clear. Sadly I only got 4/9 stars (even by doing the Perpetual Machine handbook trick in Chamber 3) so I'm wondering about what tips do you recommend to get faster clearing times.
Team A: Ayaka, Diona, Mona, Sucrose (I have neither Ganyu, Venti nor Kazuha).
Team B: Raiden, XQ, XL, Bennett.
Everyone is 80/80 (except Ayaka 80/90) and nobody has talents above 8 (I want to eventually crown the Q of all Raiden National members as well as Ayaka's Q, not sure if Diona or Mona are worth getting talents above 8).
All weapons are 90/90 (except Diona's Fav Bow and Mona's Thrilling Tales which are 60/60) and all artifacts are 16/20 (getting them to 20 is my goal).
My Raiden National Team clears everything extremely fast but the Ayaka one has a lot of problems due to grouping (I drop Mona's' E to lure them then Sucrose E to further get them together, should I do something different?).
Is there a better strategy I should be using with Ayaka Perma Freeze team? My Q is always ready and I am always with a shield thanks to Diona, my #1 problem is grouping everyone for the ice queen's Q and not dealing enough DPS damage to get fast clears.
Surprisingly Floor 12 is my fastest clear (got 2/3 stars) due to the ruin guards always staying close and the perpetual machine handbook trick.
PS. Everyone is C0 except Bennett (C1), XL (C2), Sucrose (C4) and XQ (C2).
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2021.09.28 20:55 DimaGames69 What movie is this from?

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2021.09.28 20:55 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 20:55 LinuxStoney OBS Studio 27.1 includes 18-scene multi-view and fixes for Wayland

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2021.09.28 20:55 avmalisveris Tevekkül etmek nasıl olur ? - HAYAT VE SAĞLIK

Tevekkül etmek nasıl olur ? Salihlerden bir mübarek zât, bir cuma günü, evde un kalmayınca merkebine yüklemiş buğdayı, değirmene doğru koyulmuş yola... Değirmene vardığında, çuvalı indirirken merkep kaçıyor. Merkebi aramaya çıksa, cuma namazı kaçacak. Kendi kendine "Sen nereye gidersen git, ben Rabbimin emrinden çıkmam, doğru cuma namazına gidiyorum" diyor... Vakit giriyor ve huşû içinde ibadetini yapıyor... Cumadan sonra bakıyor, merkep hâlâ yok... Tarlaya gitse merkep lazımdır. Un için zaten yine merkep lazım. "Ben şimdilik eve gidip biraz dinleneyim, sonra çaresine bakarız" diye düşünüyor...📷
Eve yaklaşınca, ahırdan merkep sesi geliyor. "Hanım, bu merkebin burada işi ne?" diyor. O da, "Efendi, bugün ödüm patladı, az kalsın ölüyordum" diyor: "Bir aslan merkebi önüne katmış, bir o tarafa, bir bu tarafa, derken ahıra kadar getirdi. Ben de korkudan odanın bir köşesine saklandım. Pencereden baktım, aslan geldiği gibi gitti." Adam;"Hanım, bu bizim merkep değil mi?" diye soruyor. Hanım da "Evet bizim merkep" diye cevap veriyor. Adam şaşırıp kalıyor...
Hanımı bu arada "Bey, senin karnın açtır. Taze un geldi, ekmek yaptım" deyince adam hayretle "Hanım, un nereden geldi?" diyor. "Sorma bey! Komşumuz değirmene gitmiş, kendi unu yerine bizim unu getirmiş, yanlışlığı anlayınca da unu bize bıraktı. Yani unumuz geldi... Sana bir haberim daha var bey! Bizim komşu bahçesini sulamış ancak kanalı açık unutmuş, bizim bahçe de sulanmış!"
Mübarek zat, hanımından bunları duyunca ellerini açmış ve şöyle dua etmiş: "Allah'ım ben senin bir emrini yerine getirdim, sen benim üç ihtiyacımı gördün. Sana ne kadar şükretsem azdır ya Rabbi..."
Tevekkül etmek nasıl olur ? Müslüman Allah’ın kudretinin üstünde bir kudret, ilminin üstünde bir ilim, merhamet ve şefkatinin fevkinde bir şefkat ve merhamet bulunmadığına itikat eder. Allah’a tevekkül eden bir Müslüman düşünür ki; “Bana gelecek bütün hayırları ancak O ihsan edebilir ve her türlü şer ve zararları ancak O def edebilir.”
Bir Müslüman, çalışmadan kazanılamayacağını bilerek, dünya işleri için gerekli bütün tedbirleri aldığı gibi, ibadet etmeden ve Allah’ın emirlerini yapıp, yasaklarından kaçınmadan da cennete gidilemeyeceğini bilerek, kulluk vazifesini yerine getirir ve sonunda Allah’a tevekkül eder.
Tevekkül, sebeplere teşebbüs ettikten ve gerekli bütün tedbirleri aldıktan sonra, Cenab-ı Hakk’ın verdiği neticeye razı olmaktır. Böyle bir insan huzurlu yaşar, maişet noktasında endişeye kapılarak ruhuna elem çektirmez,
Ebû Hüreyre radıyallahu anh’den rivayet edildiğine göre Nebî sallallahu aleyhi ve sellem şöyle buyurdu:
“Cennet’e girecek bir kısım insanlar vardır ki, onların kalpleri kuş kalbi gibi (rakîk ve güven içinde)dir.” (Müslim, Cennet 27. Ayrıca bk. Ahmed İbni Hanbel, Müsned, II, 331)
Hadisten Öğrendiklerimiz

  1. Allah’a tevekkül etmenin sonu cennettir.
  2. Tevekkül, yersiz sıkıntı ve kaygıların azab ve sitresinden kişiyi kurtarır, huzurlu bir hayata kavuşturur.
Cuma gününün fazileti Cuma, müminlerin bayramıdır. Cuma günü yapılan ibadetlere iki kat sevap verilir. Bugün işlenen günahlar da iki kat yazılır... Allahü teâlâ, cuma gününü Müslümanlara mahsus kılmıştır. Hadis-i şeriflerde buyuruldu ki:
(Cumartesi günleri Yahudilere, pazar günleri Nasaraya (Hristiyanlar) verildiği gibi, cuma günü, Müslümanlara verildi. Bugün, Müslümanlara hayır, bereket, iyilik vardır.) [Riyadun-nasıhin](Kim, cuma günü gusleder, güzel elbiselerini giyer, güzel koku sürünür, mescide gelip cemaatin omuzlarına basmadan oturursa, bir haftalık günahları affolur.) [Tergib-üs-salat]Cuma günü, ruhlar toplanır ve birbirleriyle tanışırlar. Cehennem, cuma günü çok sıcak olmaz... Cuma günü kabir azapları durdurulur. Bazı âlimlere göre, müminin azabı artık başlamaz. Kâfirin cuma günü ve ramazan ayı hariç, kıyamete kadar azabı devam eder. (S. Ebediyye)
Kaynak: https://www.islamveihsan.com/tevekkulun-insana-kazandirdiklari.html
Kaynak: https://m.turkiyegazetesi.com.tyazarlaahmet-demirbas/603732.aspx
Kaynak: https://sorularlaislamiyet.com/tevekkul-nasil-olmalidir-islamda-tevekkulun-sinirlari-nelerdir
Instagram'dan bizi takip etmek için tıklayın lütfen : https://www.instagram.com/ilahisifa/📷
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2021.09.28 20:55 HarrBathtub For those who wish to go to university, what is your dream course and where would you take it?

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2021.09.28 20:55 mccoysnachos must see in manchester and york?

i’m visiting friends in november, and as i’m scottish, ive decided to extend my trip down south with two nights in york and two nights in manchester.
basically i’m just looking for recommendations on what to see and do, and where to eat. i’m vegetarian and i love to eat :)
this is my first ever trip alone and i’m anxious about spending 4 days exploring by myself, and i like to plan my days out! id like to spend my days out, not my evenings, as a night out at the bars is not my cup of tea. any advice is appreciated!
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