Just finished my first build, but WiFi keeps cutting out from motherboard Asus X-570 E Gaming and WiFi signal is poor

2021.09.28 22:30 Icy-Ad-3535 Just finished my first build, but WiFi keeps cutting out from motherboard Asus X-570 E Gaming and WiFi signal is poor

So I've just built my first pc.
Specs are
AMD 5900x Asus Rog Strix x570 E Gaming Corsair Vengeance 32gb ram Rtx 3080ti WD Sn850 1tb NVMe ssd Evga 1000w PSU
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Everything runs fine except as soon as I went to turn on the WiFi and connect to my router I saw the signal was only showing one bar. I didn't think too much of it, but thought something was off as all of my other devices near the desktop show my WiFi as having a strong signal full bars. Also only 2 networks were showing as available, every other device in my home picks up around 10 networks that are in range.
I connected to the network but after 5 minutes the connection dropped and then no networks were showing as available. I then went to check the drivers, the automatic check showed as all drivers up to date. I manually checked on asus's website and reinstalled the drivers again. Still same issue poor signal, not picking up any networks, and when it does pick up a network it'll drop after a few minutes at the most.
The strangest thing was though that when I turned my phone hotspot on and enabled WiFi 6 and connected to that, the signal was stable and I got a decent connection that did not cut out. Although here and there the signal dropped from full bars to a bar or two less. But overall the connection was stable. My router is a room away from my desktop and my phone was right next to the desktop. It seems like the signal is extremely poor from the motherboard.
Anyone know what the issue could be??
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2021.09.28 22:30 vleermuis How do you get a photo with a pro during a tournament series (wsop)?

Like, if they're at your table, is it OK to ask them during breaks?
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2021.09.28 22:30 Pidgnz H: Prearranged Trade W: Karma

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2021.09.28 22:30 jazzy199022 Joe Mixon and Robert Woods for Chris Carson, Tee Higgins, and Ty Hilton

View Poll
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2021.09.28 22:29 BreathlessStud gay irl

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2021.09.28 22:29 satibel Me after doing something and going to another room

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2021.09.28 22:29 MeriEagletie Lock and Load is here

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2021.09.28 22:29 B4NDIT404 Whos got their cousins panties and bras

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2021.09.28 22:29 end_gang_stalking Demeter / Trojan war veteran Lokrian Ajax

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2021.09.28 22:29 WispyWi *[OC]* jumping on the bandwagon! This is my homebrew setting, called Falnirost! Ask me anything you wanna know and I'll get you your answers.

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2021.09.28 22:29 turtle75377 What's your favorite plinker?

Going out to range day my 22lr bolt action is always nice to shoot. No big recoil, not big sound, nice and light, and cheap ammo. We need more love for our "plinkers" what's yours? What one would you want to get?
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2021.09.28 22:29 djjsin does pausing youtube tv cancel discounts?

I currently have the 4k promo for $10 a month. If i pause youtube tv, will i lose this promo pricing?
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2021.09.28 22:29 ZDXstuff Umbrella?

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2021.09.28 22:29 iAmStarFox64 Cruising

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2021.09.28 22:29 toppatterns [H] Bowie ch #652 ww 0.40; AK-47 Case Hardened #228 ww 0.39; M4a1-s Atomic Alloy fn 0.04405117 +kato navi holo 2014; AK-47 Blue Laminate ft 0.19+kato navi holo 2014 on wood; Awp Boom mw 0.14 + kato navi holo 2014 and gold sticker on top [W] 6300 RMB ; 1800 RMB; 1500 RMB; 1000 RMB; 1800 RMB

Bowie Case Hardened screens:
AK-47 Case Hardened screens:
Little collection kato Navi holo 2014:
M4a1-s Atomic Alloy screens:
AK-47 Blue Laminate:
Awp Boom screens:
screen in game
B/O 6300 RMB ; 1800 RMB; 1500 RMB; 1000 RMB; 1800 RMB, price valid only 3 hours
Trade Link
Profile for talk
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2021.09.28 22:29 filthydatapacket Smart of MHY to stay silent

Double down and keep your head down, now that's a good strategy.
Any post they make on any media will just pe spammed by the same shit that the subreddit and hoyolab are taking the bulk of, some of it even going to the wiki and VAs for some reason?
I wonder how they will handle this on 2.2 announcement? Probably never even mention it and just keep their lips sealed.
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2021.09.28 22:29 myblindy Gorgeous Yuju!

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2021.09.28 22:29 prawnbiryani πŸ’—β˜πŸ¦πŸŒΈπŸ§πŸ€πŸ¦©

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2021.09.28 22:29 toaste-_- My pc keeps crashing randomly

My specs are:
Ryzen 5 3600
Msi rx580 (Which I bought used on Amazon)
Asus b-450f
16 gigs corsair vengeance ram
Cv 650w corsair psu
2 tb hard drive (western digital)
500gb ssd (western digital)
I built my pc about this time last year and ever since I built it, it keeps crashing randomly and I don’t know why. By β€œrandomly” I mean that it could crash while idle on the desktop doing nothing or it could crash while playing a game. When It crashes my monitors display a solid color, usually the predominant color that was displayed before it crashes. When my pc crashes, the lights on my motherboard cycle between orange, red and white and the fans keep spinning and the power button doesn’t do anything until the light is on white unless I hold the power button.
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2021.09.28 22:29 jputt22 What CPU will be better for Battlefield 2042??

Im debating on upgrading my CPU for Battlefield 2042....Will a AMD 5800X or an Intel I7 11700KF be better? Will BF2042 be better optimized for the 11700 or the 5800x??
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2021.09.28 22:29 Visage4fake These Players Make Me Scared Of Druids

been playing D&D for 3 years now, as a DM I am always scared of getting a Druid Player. This is because I have experienced so many players who played a Druid with me and it ended really badly. This probably would have happened if they played something else, but Druid seems to be the common factor. Here is the list of players, don't worry I don't use any real names.

  1. The Child, she was a very toxic person to be around. Due to her sensitive nature you had to shelter her from a lot of things, especially when it came to criticizing her character. In this case she played a druid who was abused by everyone. Parents, cut her fingers off. Village neighbors, killed the love of her life while hunting her for killing her parents. She become a druid in the woods while she lived life a homeless person, but somehow learn how to use a alchemist kit and got a white lab coat. She used her shapeshift powers to kill all the villagers, woman, men, and babies. She specified this. Her in-game pc is kind and loving.
  2. The Quiet One, she didn't really play with us. Like a lot of the group she didn't say anything cause they were mostly introverts. What bothers me is when she killed a party member with Ice Knife. The party went to slept in a wolf infested forest instead of paying Inn rent cause they just came out of a dungeon and didn't want to take anyone's shit. Rogue gets knocked to 0 and starts making Death Saves. Druid, instead of using Healing Word to save him just casts Ice Knife to kill the wolves. We tell her that this will kill the party member but she don't care. He dies, and it doesn't even kill the wolves. She plays the next two sessions before ghosting me. Next two sessions she feel remorse.
  3. The Doctor, she collected body parts from people. Any dead body near by was harvested, organs and limbs stuffed into her pack. She got arrested for he defilement of human corpses and leaving the body parts in an Inn she was still staying at. She to would ghost us after the party in-game decided she was to much of a liability and choose to leave her to her fate with the cops. Eventually she broke out but it was around then she stopped coming.
That's basically it, I only remember one druid player who didn't make me cringe but thats because his character in-game wasn't trash but he did ask me if "Orc woman get periods and when?". So yeah, all my druid players so far have been massive weirdos, and have had bad characters. I hate how for some reason I keep playing with people who choose a support class only to play the most murderous thing around or the least supporting party member ever by hindering/killing the group. What has your druid experience been?
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2021.09.28 22:29 Minjaboy Capital gains tax on locked up coins???

During the last AMA, Alex Mashinsky mentioned that locked coins used for staking ( rewards on Next and cryptodotcom is in itself a taxable event, like a sell and rebuy later, with a change in cost basis.
First off, I understand that earned rewards via staking are considered simple interest and will be taxed as such.
The debate is on how the staked coins will be treated for tax purposes. Let's say I locked 1 BTC for 3 months on CDC. Current value of that BTC is $45K. At the end of the 3 months locking period, the BTC price has risen to $50K. Is the $5K appreciation of that BTC a taxable event?
Alex made it sound like a known thing but honestly I haven't been able to find definitive info on this. Please elaborate if anyone knows the answer.
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2021.09.28 22:29 ChildhoodOwn8438 I'm not sure what to do with my eucalyptus plant. I grew it from seed and honestly didnt expect it to actually grow. I'm just not sure what to do with it. It's starting to get so big its falling over. I love it and want it to grow, I'm just not sure how to take care of it as it grows. Help??πŸ™πŸ»

I'm not sure what to do with my eucalyptus plant. I grew it from seed and honestly didnt expect it to actually grow. I'm just not sure what to do with it. It's starting to get so big its falling over. I love it and want it to grow, I'm just not sure how to take care of it as it grows. Help??πŸ™πŸ» submitted by ChildhoodOwn8438 to plantclinic [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 22:29 kat2kat Media Mail

Can I stick a CD or book in a package containing clothing, Can I ship as media mail? or will USPS return the package?
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