[Sketch] - Darlenie's Training Clothes

2021.09.28 22:18 Polarbear-The-Furry [Sketch] - Darlenie's Training Clothes

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2021.09.28 22:18 Nonnagnonnag Best place to find a covid test?

Covid testing availability seems pretty slim. I can't find any scheduled tests within the next two days, and I have a work meeting with a coworker with a compromised immune system.
In a perfect world, I would grab an over the counter home test for $25, but that seems to be out of stock everywhere.
I don't think I have COVID as I only have a slightly scratchy throat, but I would hate to contribute to the spread or accidentally get my coworker sick.
Anybody have any luck recently? Any advice on finding a test without waiting?
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2021.09.28 22:18 Slur-a-Lago Discount Week

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2021.09.28 22:18 nobody1929 What movie or TV show do you enjoy where most of the cast are average looking and not models?

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2021.09.28 22:18 Johns434 Hey everyone did anyone enjoyed the fight scenes in Jackie Chan adventures because it was so well done and well choreographed it’s like your watching a kung fu movie

View Poll
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2021.09.28 22:18 Glad_Aerie1025 clan war frame gone?

Where has the clan frame gone? It appears in Rank Gifts but it has disappeared from my account and clan
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2021.09.28 22:18 lilgelflinggal Wow! My gift post got removed again! I just want to give a gift!

Okay, let’s try no picture this time. Hey Jack! Third time trying to reach ya! Your mod bots are brutal! But I want to make you a posable Trico art doll. No transaction, no promo, I love making these art dolls and your Last Guardian videos inspired me to make one. And I’d think the best home for him would be with you. So, would you like him? :)
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2021.09.28 22:18 Timmert1001 M22 got rejected by my crush...

Feel so bad. Im sorry but i really could use some people to talk to haha. After being in love for some time i got the courage to ask her and got rejected by my crush. She takes it as an adult and we stay friends but that doesnt make it easier😅
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2021.09.28 22:18 brother_p DNA researchers generate facial reconstructions of three Ancient Egyptians

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2021.09.28 22:18 Psychedelics6969 I farted on a first date, is that why she is ignoring me?

It was pretty stinky but she didn't seem to bothered by it at the time, so I'm confused why she is not responding to my messages?
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2021.09.28 22:18 time_machines_ 19M Madrid/Spain - Don't spell part backwards, it's a trap

I'm an international student who arrived in Madrid about 3 weeks ago. I'm going to be here for the next four years and I'm looking for friends!
Random things about me: I love reading and writing fiction, graphic design, listening to music, math, gaming, animé, sleeping, being an extrovert without knowing how to, wondering what would happen if I heat a can of deodorant, programming, business and a bunch of other stuff.
I'm studying finance at UC3M and I don't know much Spanish, but I'm trying to learn!
I'm looking for someone who I can meet irl, and hang out with and talk to. If you think we'd get along, send me a chat request and please introduce yourself!
Thank you for reading, and have a great day!
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2021.09.28 22:18 dogs-and-daddies AZELF Taking First 10 BE ONLINE

Taking 5 on each account
1580 9835 7054 9859 3338 1420
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2021.09.28 22:18 Cool_Guy123456789 COMMUNISM IS NOW BANNED

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2021.09.28 22:18 GreeboPucker Not a fan of the Jo Rework

Off and on. Played since the beta and used to kinda not suck.
I'm glad, I guess, that the Jo changes have sparked a renewed interest in the character, but believe it or not I actually think its a nerf.
Tier 1 Laws of Hope: Huge nerf. Yuge. Not only was the % healing cut by a Third until you collect 20 globes, but the passive regen was removed? So, now not only is the activatable weaker for a substantial portion of the game, but you will more often feel like you have to push it for mere sustain, rather than as a fight CD. Johanna never really had any sustain other than this. This makes her substantially more reliant on healing and less sustainy for the portion of the game where that actually matters.
Reinforce->Divine Fortress: Not that people really used this outside niche situations because Jo was just so crippled in many cases without a sustain talent at lvl 1, but we go from getting 60 armor on ability use to 8. 60->8. Plus a gambit. I havent seen a whole lot of popularity for gambit talents so far. I think its sorta inherently a bad design idea. Anyway, this talent saw little play and sees little now. Its just less good of a counter now and more of a risk.
Zealous Glare: Moved from lvl 7. This used to be her permablind talent, IE a hard counter to cancer autoattackers like butcher or zuljin, IE one of the main reasons to draft her. This is a huge let-down. This talent used to be access to a 5.5 second blind, for anyone that didnt know. This is just..... headache inducing.

Tier 4 Eternal Retaliation: This was the most popular talent on this tier before, but wasnt actually the best in most situations. The new version does have functionality but its pretty clunky. There was literally nothing wrong with the old one. Putting the power budget of a move behind 'marking targets' you have to trigger with autos has always been just clunky and bad. This seems to be an attempt to combine a previously popular talent, with a previously like sub 1% pickrate talent called Sins Exposed on the same tier, which, yes, was all about marking targets. It was awful.
Hold Your Ground: I now dont have to pick between this and Laws of Hope. Alright so if I'm feeling like I dont want a single death in a game I can pick both now. Overall if you add up the nerf to the CD of Iron Skin a while back, then the buff to Ironskin's base shield value, then the buff to Hold Your Ground's CDR, then the buff and then nerf to Hold Your Ground's shield bonus, this is numerically in a slightly worse but still decent place in terms of survivability, but its much much better than it was a few years ago in terms of quality of life, because by taking this talent I can line up one iron skin for every 2 Condemn skirmishing CDs. This is fine, this talent is finally in the correct place for the first time ever.
Subdue: Subdue has always been amazing. I used to have to pick between this and Zealous Glare, so basically if I picked Jo to counter an auto attacker I wouldnt get to use this, otherwise this was the default. It combos very well with mages on my team cause an 80% slow for as long as it lasts in the area it hits is numerically just such a strong enabling CC. People used to take Blessed Momentum a lot but frankly it was a trap positionally and a waste of mana. They did it to spam Condemn but Condemn isnt very good when you're already in auto attack range, it exists to group the enemy team up to be combo'd by your team, which Subdue synergized with perfectly. This talent is also fine.

Tier 7 Conviction: This talent has always been amazing. Now its been moved to lvl 7 and people finally realized it was amazing. Used in conjunction with Iron Skin it and maybe Subdue it was the perfect engage. Charge in unstoppable, group everything up, and hold it still for your team to whale on. Beautiful. The activatable movement speed going from 25% to 20% isnt a big deal. I frankly wonder if the devs realize how strong a permanent 10% movement speed buff is though.
Sins Exposed: As mentioned this used to be an extremely unmemorable 'marking' ability for Shield Glare. Now it works like Zealous Glare used to except its permanent healing reduction rather than a near permanent blind. This is pretty good, but I suspect its numerically not strong enough as is. I used to be able to blind a butcher so he would receive 0% self healing. This 25% reduction is more widely applicable sure, but it doesnt stop the outgoing damage. I cant even count the number of people I've saved from diving butchers or unkillable ZulJins. This should probably be closer to 35% reduction, or should be extendable via ability damage so it can be extended a bit in an AoE. As is in most situations this simply cant compete with the strategic and economic value of Conviction
Steed Charge: Cute

Ultimates 10+20 Falling Sword: Pretty big nerf here in a lot of ways. Some damage gone, the slow gone, and a third of the range gone. This used to give me amazing map presence for a character thats not supposed to be global. I could be farming a lane or a camp, getting map value, while watching my team eating paste somewhere being ready to counterengage on the enemy team when my paste eater got ganked. With the old falling sword this used to happen, idk, a good 5-10 times a game. Yeah it basically has no CD and you know people never learn. Whelp. The new range isnt unusable, but now its really not a good counter engage, you do basically have to be with your team to use it, meaning the enemy can see you and is WAY less likely to jump in and overcommit. At 20, the new healing is nice, but the nerf to the CDR is pretty big. I used to be able to hit 20 and use Falling Sword as a very strong free harassment tool, because you could even use it on solitary targets as long as they were near a minion wave, and it would still get a full reset. Lets talk about the problem with what we've gotten in return for the Falling Sword nerfs. Unstoppable and healing bolts. Both of these require someone on your team to be in the middle of the enemy team to be useful. So, not only is Falling Sword now a worse counter engage its a worse primary initiate, though its great now to enable a real Initiator on your team. Unfortunately you're the main tank, so if you're not the primary initiator you have a problem. Upside I guess is that if your team gets ganked, if they're being healed and unstoppable, they might have a better chance of surviving, but many many things have to have gone wrong for this to happen. By 20 as Jo it used to be the case that you shouldnt let the enemy team ANYWHERE near yours.

Tier 13 Blessed Hammer: Pretty much the only thing worth talking about on this tier. Massive buffs to this talent that used to be a noob trap, and it shows in the pickrates and winrates. Damage is damage though. You're still a tank and nothing on this tier is that gamechanging.

Tier 16 Imposing Presence: Gone. This was an AA slow and a movement speed slow. This is the 2nd counter to auto attackers you've lost, 3rd if you count the massive nerf to her lvl 1 armor talent. This is a massive change for a hero who used to have 25 Base physical armor, for whom countering autoattackers used to be the majority of her identity. Did the person who did this rework ever even play Jo?
Shrinking Vacuum: Damage reduction. OK this is pretty useful, but its uptime isnt going to be amazing without Blessed Momentum which it now conflicts with. But, its just numerically not that high and the fact that its an AoE doesnt make it that much better, because with shrinks you mainly care about its effect on the one target thats doing 90% of the damage. Winrate-wise this talent is doing worst on the tier and you can see why. This has basically the same problem as the new Sins Exposed. The devs were afraid of big AoE debuffs, which admittedly is scary, but in this case they underpitched it.
Holy Renewal: This is the only way I can see to get Jo's blind uptime back to anything close to what it was before. This is admittedly much better of a talent than it used to be, but it alone cant carry the assassination of Jo's previous draft role.
Blessed Momentum: Ok so clearly the devs decided it was time for people's spinny-hammer fantasy to actually be good, because its been trash for years and now with this megabuff to Blessed Momentum and the buff to spinny-hammer its finally good. The Damage is there, but the defense and utility is low, and even with Spinny-Hammer being the strongest and dominant build, Jo is still far from the highest damage tank. Thats simply not her draft identity.
Overall Her tier 1 is garbage. Zealous Glare is especially atrocious, you really dont need to be concerned about an extra 1.5 seconds of blind considering Jo had 5.5 seconds of blind for years and was literally not even on the radar competitively. People are locked in to Laws of Hope at 1 and Hold Your Ground at 4 because Jo has 0 baseline sustain. At this point since Laws of Hope has been a mandatory pick on her for like 5 years she should be given a version of it baseline and the talent should be just an improvement to it, cause otherwise she will NEVER have a healthy lvl 1 tier. Eternal retaliation is clunky and the 'mark' garbage needs to be removed. It doesnt matter if its good or not, its tactility is displeasing to play. Sins Exposed and Shrinking Vacuum were soft pitched and need small buffs, both for them to be competitive on their tier but also for Jo to have a viable utility build. Her old utility was super strong, but quite niche. Healing reduction and DR are kinda ubiquitous at this point, so even with buffs this is going to leave Jo feeling generic.
Not a fan of the especially the range nerf on the new Falling Sword, but its overall new design direction is also just not needed. It used to be an amazing repositioning tool, but with most of its power budget now in its unstoppable effect and healing bolts, it might as well be an aura and just leave Jo on the ground like Lightbomb. This new version feels like a bad compromise. 10 range basically isnt worth it, and the move should either be reverted or the character would be better off with the power budget redistributed to the AoE effects.
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2021.09.28 22:18 rennwerks First DIY Hunter Road Force Tire Mounting & Balancing on Tesla Model 3

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2021.09.28 22:18 NoAddress5 Doing online exams and homework while decently sick

I’m a CS major and although I got out of classes while waiting for covid results I’ve been having to do programming assignments and other homework with a fever. In a few hours I have a two hour exam. I can’t focus on anything and I just want to sleep, and this is very mentally demanding work. I can’t even blow through or half ass exams or assignments because I’m on a full scholarship and in a 4+1 program. I honestly just want to cry, and I feel like the stress is just making me feel worse physically.
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2021.09.28 22:18 Low_Source2417 I have sunglasses squirtle, looking for shiny legendary (can’t fly)

Hey guys, I have a squirtle with sunglasses back from 2018 that I’m looking to trade for someone’s extra shiny legendary :) let me know !
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2021.09.28 22:18 Few_Dig7979 "Tell me without telling me" is such a braindead tiktok meme.

The English language has a terrific word that means "tell me without telling me". It's called "Show".
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2021.09.28 22:18 nemo010181910202829 [9th grade geometry] For number 19 I’ve plugged so many numbers into x and nothings working

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2021.09.28 22:18 kroretheconquerer Living Nightmare MODAPCK/SERVER

* NOW ON CURSEFORGE \* server IP Livingnightmare.mcserver.us Living Nightmare mod pack and server! https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/livingnightmare
GUNS https://discord.gg/CbUBUqc6Kw
After the great powers of the world launched the first nukes 90% of people were killed, of the remaining 10% more than half are now mutated monsters and undead slaves. its your job to scavenge for goods in this vast landscape of destroyed buildings and abandoned structures. This server has a full starting city in which you can buy supplies from villagers via iron ingots We have Voice chat and land claiming so u won't be griefed if you build near the city some of the mods in the pack include CREATE
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2021.09.28 22:18 babalog100 Shreya Ghoshal - Her Dress Says It All

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2021.09.28 22:18 paulmro I don’t want to say anything… but… tech stocks are Hedgies favorite 😂😂😂🦍🍌🚀☎️📞

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2021.09.28 22:18 Cosmologee [ID] on these button-like shrooms. PNW

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2021.09.28 22:18 JohnT_RE Company of Heroes 3 - Mission Design

Fifteen years ago, CoH delivered a campaign that guided players through a series of bombastic missions. Company of Heroes 3 will let players lead the way. Our campaign has a discrete start and end point, but what you do along the way is your choice. To create a player-guided campaign, we needed to re-think how we develop missions. Find out how from our Lead Mission Designer in our latest CoH-Dev post.
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2021.09.28 22:18 wasacrispiest Trinity Morisette (@trinity_morisette) is a blonde bombshell (20 photos)

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