Any Dual trade welders here ?

2021.09.28 20:54 Lychee-Zestyclose Any Dual trade welders here ?

Hey everyone, I have been thinking about getting a second trades ticket. Anyone here have a second trade that's complimented their welding? For context I am a 24m welder been in the trade for about 7yrs have my red seal and A ticket (I live in BC canada) and I've worked in the shipyards, done pressure pipe and now currently work in a mine doing maintenance on heavy equipment. So all my experience has been pretty heavy industry. But I think its time for me to learn a new trade, I really enjoy working with my hands and learning how to fix things. So anyone have any suggestions or experiences on a second trade to learn ? TIA this is my first post
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2021.09.28 20:54 walt74 Far-right news sources on Facebook more engaging

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2021.09.28 20:54 BrianRobinsn458 PYKE..........LIMITED EDITION..........PYKE

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2021.09.28 20:54 GraphicAxe make it happen people!

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2021.09.28 20:54 GohanGlobus [OC] Speedpainting the DUNE trailer (Vol 4/10)

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2021.09.28 20:54 FrankieGS Pierced by X-Gays

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2021.09.28 20:54 Serious_Package_473 Realistic estimate of how how long it might take to DRS our way to MOASS

Don't wanna spread FUD, en contraire, I want everyone to DRS, I've got 90% of my xx shares in CS and will continue to buy monthly on CS.
I think it's the people who are giving overly optimistic estimates that will contribute to FUD when we won't see results of DRS in a couple of months.
First I want to discuss how many shares are getting registered daily. We can guesstimate based on the number of daily new CS accounts and guesstimates about how many shares per account there are.
I think it is safe to assume that the CS accounts numbers are sequential and there's no skipping going on. Based on the posts of u/stopfuckingwithme we can see that already fell from over 20k/daily to 6k/daily. It might have to do with the weekend, last daily change in the previous work week was a change of 12k from thursday to friday. My guess is that including the weekends we can expect an average of 3k/daily going forward (it will be higher than that in the next couple of weeks of course).
Next, shares/account. Most estimates range from 30 to over 100. I think 30 is realistic. Keep in mind that most people don't register all of their shares and CS seems to create an account for your transferred shares and an account for the shares you buy directly on CS. So that's at least 2 account/ape, some are reporting having even more accounts. Also I think it's safe to assume that most whales who would ever register already did so.
We actually have a data point.
In this comment the superstonk mod said " When we reached out to Computershare we were told that the number is actually 2,537,164." The comment is 20d old so it was the 8th of September. I can't find a specific data point from the 8th but from some graphs it looks like it was somewhere around 80k accounts. That would give us around 32 shares/account.
There's a theory about the Gamestop high score tweet being about retail registering more share than Ryan Cohen. It's just a theory, but if we divide 9M shares by 250k accounts we get 36 shares/account. Conspicuously close to our data point.
We also need to add the shares that will be bought from now on to our estimates. I would just take the amount of shares (30) and divide it by 8 since it's now 8 months since the january sneeze. That would give us an average of 4 shares per account daily. So if we add it all up toghether (new registrations and new buys) we get:
Realistic guesstimate = 102k shares registered daily
Ok, so to estimate how long it will take first we need a starting point. We could take the 9M shares as a starting point.
So I guess you now expect a calculation to see how long it will take to reach the 35M free float. You would be wrong. If the goal is to register every single certificate from the DTCC that is far from enough.
Do you guys really think that all the institutions that are holding GME have it registered? No way Jose. As far as I know they wouldn't even be able to lend the shares then.
The only shares we can assume are registered are from insiders like RC and the rest of the board, leaving with about 65M shares to register.
So if we start with 9M shares we can calculate how long it will take to register the remaining 56M shares:
Realistic guesstimate = 637 days
What does it mean for apes? GME is a long play. Register at least 80% of your shares and keep buying on CS. Don't give up just because it will take you 2 years to win a life-changing play.
Hopium? We might not need to register the whole float. I'm just a smooth-brain who likes the stock. Someone smarter might be able to explain why it might be enough to register just a large portion of the outstanding shares, not all of them.
Also, u/Captain-Fan it would be nice to see some screenshots of the conversation with CS, why would they just give out the exact number of registered shares, and why wouldn't they do it now if they already did it once?
As always, I welcome all counter-arguments
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2021.09.28 20:54 nehwsekuntekop [KEKW] US Marine Who Sought Accountability From Military Leaders Over Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Jailed: Report

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2021.09.28 20:54 escape2u Let see what happens end of the day! Hope to hear some delivery news

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2021.09.28 20:54 hotelpenn [USA-NJ] [H] 3090 white strix bnib [W] 3070/3080 white strix plus cash or 3080 FE plus cash

Looking to trade for these cards. Please reply before pm. Will be able to work around used items. LHR is okay. Thanks.
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2021.09.28 20:54 Brainorgasms Lol yay

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2021.09.28 20:54 Any-Discussion-5934 Strange dream last night that I feel the need to explain

I know that most of you are not a spiritual , but I had a strange dream last night, I need your reasonable opinion on it .
I remember when I was a kid, actually I never thought of it until this morning. I have a mom's cousin, she was married to that guy named Sergo, I always found him extremely attractive, but I had to keep it to myself, hello. He was probably in his late 20s or early 30s at that time. I remember being very nervous around him at that time everytime I saw him. But after my early teens I never saw him or think of him.
But last night I dream of him and we had a very ambiguous relationship, he didn't know if he had to leave his wife or not. I saw us spending a night together and I was very hungry and I told him to go get me some pork ribs, he tried his best but couldn't find it, so he brought me a burger instead.
And I was disappointed by the burger but being so hungry I had to eat it while he was very patient with me to make me it while explaining to me that sometimes life gives you what we truly need and we just need to get out of our comfort zone and be okay with, and I after he made love to me and I don't remember much after.
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2021.09.28 20:54 EquivalentKooky1248 proxychains help

I am learning ab proxy servers right now and I can’t seem to get it working. I’m on kali i’ve installed proxychains, entered vim, went dynamic, and input the host and port in what i believe to be the correct places. But when i try “proxychains firefox” firefox can’t load it or any webpage at all. Does this mean the proxy is dead? Do i need to enable firefox to use a proxy? Is it something extremely simple? anything helps thanks.
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2021.09.28 20:54 ItIsJustZ misclicked

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2021.09.28 20:54 walt74 Real-time dialogue between experimenters and dreamers during REM sleep: Current Biology

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2021.09.28 20:54 chelke Sleep isolation anxiety

A little background, my 2.5 yo has always been a great sleeper. We did age appropriate sleep training during regressions and were always able to quickly guide her back to happy sleep habits and maintain them. At 20 months, we moved her to her big girl bed with a floor bed and free access to her safe room. It was weirdly successful and for the last year she has been very happy in her new room, sleeping in her bed 10 hours every night.
I occasionally have worked nights and MIL babysat (you can see where this is going). Every time she babysat, the following week we would have HUGE sleep issues. She goes back into the room because the toddler “looked too cute not to cuddle” or she “smelled like she had a fever coming” (?!?!?) (normal temp on thermometer, not sick) so she went back in to wake her up at midnight to medicate and check her. Also brought toddler downstairs at 2am , turned on all the lights, to watch YouTube and cuddle??? She has zero regards to our parenting and maintaining the structure that the toddler thrive on and does not care at all about the repercussions that come from her visits.
So last month I had a new baby. MIL watched the toddler for 2 nights… upon returning home from the hospital all hell has broken loose. This poor little girl has developed a huge anxiety and we have done everything to help her but are now at a loss and looking for help from our fellow toddler parents. During those two nights, MIL Told us that she would cuddle and stay in bed with toddler until she was asleep, then toddler always woke up as she was leaving and would become hysterical. This led to more YouTube, cuddling, coddling, lights on, isolation anxiety panicking. Those two nights have totally destroyed her sleep confidence and she feels as though we are abandoning her every time she needs to sleep. She sleeps on the floor looking out under the door waiting for us to return and cries “mama no leave”. It breaks my heart.
If I go back in then leave, it will further perpetuate the abandonment. If I do normal bedtime routine and leave, she panics in abandonment. We got her a new stuffy for comfort and it almost seemed like it was working but it didn’t. Tons of conversation, positive reinforcement, saying mommy/daddy always come back, and what seems like a million of other interventions, and this poor girls is still panicking, sleeping at the door, and saying mama don’t leave.
I always make sure the baby is asleep and not with us when I put her down so she feels like she has 100% of my attention and things are “normal”
SOS. How do it her back to her happy confident sleeping self?
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2021.09.28 20:54 n8s8p What are some things that Brigham Young did or said that are actually good?

I try hard not to view people as all good or all bad, but he is one I struggle with. The one or two good things I know about him are kind of made obsolete when I learned more. I guess he should get partial credit, though. A couple examples:

So on these, I guess he should get partial credit?

Anyways, if you have any actions or quotes (whether they are full or partial credit) of his that you admire, let me hear them, please. Admittedly, I never liked him even as a believer so I never learned much about him or positive things he taught. I'm sure there are lots of things about him that I don't know about.
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2021.09.28 20:54 Outside_Definition_8 I voice acted a meme by u/Kai-theSaiyan15!

You can find it here.
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2021.09.28 20:54 ExtHD New Documentary Reveals How Corrupt And Destructive Green Energies Are: “This Is A Broken System”

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2021.09.28 20:54 walt74 Scientists Achieve Real-Time Communication With Lucid Dreamers in Breakthrough

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2021.09.28 20:54 walt74 Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Remastered 4K 60 FPS) - YouTube

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2021.09.28 20:54 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 20:54 robotpoet Stuck on 27% installation

FIFA 22 on ps4 won’t go pass 27% in the in-game installation.
Anyone know what to do?
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2021.09.28 20:54 electrobuzz Etch - Dodgy Acid Trax / TEMPOZONE00

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2021.09.28 20:54 Jaysier After 5500 tries i finally got deadlocked

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